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Past Leaders

Since 1987, EO has been led by volunteer member leaders who've committed themselves to strengthening the impact of our global community. Leading the charge is our Global Board of Directors, a group of members who drive the strategic vision of the organization and lead all levels of member leadership. At the helm of this Board is a Global Chairman, and previously, a President or International President. Below is a history of our member leaders in these positions.

  • Jason Sze
    Jason Sze
    EO Hong Kong
    EO Global Chair
  • Bubu Andres
    Bubu Andres
    EO Philippines
    EO Global Chair
  • Brian Brault
    Brian Brault
    EO Western New York
    EO Global Chairman
  • Ivan Ting
    Ivan Ting
    EO China South
    EO Global Chairman
  • Gilberto Crombé
    Gilberto Crombé
    EO Monterrey
    EO Global Chairman
  • Blair Assaly
    Blair Assaly
    EO Edmonton
    EO Global Chairman
  • Rosemary Tan
    Rosemary Tan
    EO Malaysia
    EO Global Chairman
  • Samer Kurdi  
    Samer Kurdi
    EO Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    EO Global Chairman
  • Kevin Langley  
    Kevin Langley
    EO Louisiana
    EO Global Chairman
  • Michael Caito  
    Michael Caito
    EO Orange County
    EO Global Chairman
  • Matthew Stewart  
    Matthew Stewart
    EO Orange County
    EO Global Chairman
  • David Galbenski  
    David Galbenski
    EO Detroit
    EO Global Chairman
  • Shelby Scarbrough  
    Shelby Scarbrough
    EO San Francisco
    EO President
  • Sunjay Kapur  
    Sunjay Kapur
    EO New Delhi
    EO Global Chairman
  • Troy Hazard  
    Troy Hazard
    EO Brisbane
    EO President
  • Darton Case  
    Darton Case
    EO Detroit
    EO Global Chairman

Prior to FY2006/2007, EO was known as the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO), with a sub-group called the World Entrepreneurs' Organization (WEO). The individuals listed below represent the Presidents of YEO/WEO during this period.

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