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Ivan Ting – EO Global Chairman – FY2016/2017
Share to Learn. Share for Life.

As entrepreneurs, sharing is an integral part of our journey. It is through the exchange of experiences, insights and passions that we are able to learn and grow from one another. This year, our efforts will be driven by a new organizational theme: Share to Learn. Share for Life. This theme represents the impact of investment through contribution. When we share, we invest in our own experiences and those of our peers, while contributing to build a more united, yet diverse, community. Nearly 30 years ago, EO was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who saw sharing as a solution, and it has been an integral part of our DNA ever since. Now, we are taking this tradition up a notch. Why? Because the more we share, the more valuable we become to each other, our organization and the world.


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Ivan Ting, EO China South
EO Global Chairman, FY2016/2017

Ivan Ting

Executive Director of Kader Industrial Company Limited
EO Global Chairman, FY2016/2017
EO China South

Ivan Ting

A longtime EO member, Ivan Ting joined EO Hong Kong in 1999 and has been in the same Forum ever since. With a passion for leadership, Ivan joined his chapter board in 2001 and went on to serve as Chapter President in FY2006/2007. Since then, Ivan has held numerous leadership positions in EO, including Area Director (North East Asia)—where he focused on regional integration—Co-Chair of EO GLC: Hong Kong and Hospitality Chair, all while engaging EO Hong Kong to go beyond local and make a bigger mark in the global EO community. In addition to these roles, Ivan co-founded EO China South and served as a Sponsorship Subcommittee Chair (FY2010/2011), China 300 Chair (FY2011/2012), member of the Strategic Alliances Committee (FY2011-2013), Strategic Alliances Committee Chair (FY2013/2014) and Director on the Global Board (FY2014/2015).

Ivan holds a bachelor’s degree in international politics and economics. He is an executive director of Kader Industrial Company Limited, a 65-year-old, family-controlled business specializing in children’s products and model railroads. Ivan also currently serves as chairman of the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association, a director of the Hong Kong Plastic Manufacturers’ Association and a council member of the Hong Kong Toys Council.

Outside of business, Ivan is a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Wuxi, his ancestral home. He is also a director of the Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai Residents (Hong Kong) Association, a charitable association that operates schools, elderly care centers and a health clinic. Ivan is also a manager of the Incorporated Management Committee of Kiangsu Chekiang College (Shatin), representing the association. From 2008-2015, Ivan served as a steering committee member of the Hong Kong Child Development Fund, a government initiative that provides mentorship and financial planning for underprivileged children to end intergenerational poverty. ​

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