Blair Assaly, EO Edmonton
EO Global Chairman, FY2014/2015

#EONATION - Blair Assaly FY2014/2015

Since 1987, EO has been supporting leading entrepreneurs around the world as they commit themselves to making lives better through innovation, hard work and heart. This year, we recognize our pursuit of positive growth by uniting as a global community and celebrating as one #EONATION. To me, #EONATION represents the universal bond we all share, and fuels the understanding that every EO member—even all entrepreneurs—are connected by the lynchpins of learning, growth and giving back. We are one people in EO, bound by the belief that absolutely anything can happen when passion meets purpose. We will continue to strive for growth, thirst for learning and seek to innovate at all costs. We are strong. We are focused. We are #EONATION.


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Blair Assaly, EO Edmonton
EO Global Chairman, FY2014/2015

See our #EONATION in action!

Blair Assaly

EO Global Chairman, FY2014/2015
EO Edmonton

Blair Assaly

An EO member since 2002 and a member leader since 2004, Blair has served in various local, regional and Global leadership positions, including Chapter President, Membership Chair, Education Chair, Regional Director (Canada), Area Director (Western Canada) and Chapter Development Committee (CDC) Chair, among others. He has held a position on the EO Global Board since 2012—as a Director and Global Chairman-Elect—before transitioning into his role as Global Chairman.

Since joining the EO leadership community, Blair has played—and continues to play—a key role in the growth of EO Edmonton, EO Canada and the organization as a whole. Not only has Blair strengthened EO Canada through the development of a bigger member network (the region eclipsed 800 members for the first time under his leadership), but he supported the launch of several new chapters, introduced a chapter launch model that’s now used globally and increased member satisfaction in the region from a 7.7 to an 8.2 (out of 10) in the All Member Survey.

Blair is a proven leader, dedicated member and ardent EO ambassador who has helped EO grow both its influence and reach. As an entrepreneur, Blair is the president of Ascot Properties Group, a family-owned business that was established in 1952 by his father, Edward, who had a vision to build and provide the people of Edmonton with a place to comfortably and confidently call home. Blair manages the stewardship of the corporation, and is responsible for directing its future growth. Blair has three children—Xander, Ayden and Sonny—with his wonderful wife, Tara.


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Last year, EO focused its efforts on “Engage the World,” a global call to action that inspired members to go out of their comfort zones and explore new ways they could make a mark in their businesses, communities, families and personal lives. In FY2014/2015, we will use “Engage the World” as a springboard for our new theme—#EONATION—which recognizes our unity as a global community and celebrates our diversity, influence and common goal of changing lives through entrepreneurship. Through our values, we have created a unique culture. Through our growth, we have established a community. Through our shared vision, we have become a nation. We are #EONATION.

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