Upcoming Events

Front Row Factor with Jon Vroman

19 July 2017
Venue: The Blues Museum
Location: St. Louis, United States of America

Join us as we kick off the year with Jon Vroman, who will talk about living life to the fullest, celebrating the past, present and future.  Bring a guest and make the most of this moment at our first event of the year!

Growth Challenge Workshop

25 July 2017
Venue: Vue17
Location: St. Louis, United States of America

The Growth Challenge Workshop will help you identify the critical actions and decisions needed to avoid hitting the wall when your company is too big to be small and too small to be big. This event is being hosted by our Strategic Partner, Insperity. 

Whisky's of the World - A Whisky Tasting Event

27 July 2017
Venue: Gamlin Whiskey House
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America

Whisky is one of the most historic and most popular beverages today. In this presentation we'll discuss the major whisky producing countries, the similarities and vast differences that make their whisky unique. We'll taste domestic whisky and examine the difference between Bourbon and other American whisky's. We'll also taste and discuss whisky from Canada, Ireland, Scotland and Japan. 

EO St. Louis Family Day: Mud Run

19 August 2017
Venue: The Battlegrounds
Location: Wright City, United States of America

Bring your family and get muddy with EO! Join us at our first ever EO Family Mud Run at The Battlegrounds.

Accelerator Cash Day

30 August 2017
Venue: The Knight Center at Washington University
Location: St. Louis, United States of America

Join us at our Accelerator Cash Day at the Knight Center at Wash. U.  These are our quarterly Learning Days for our Accelerator participants, and open to our EO members.

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