Upcoming Events

Totally Tubular Holiday Party

15 December 2018
Venue: The Elm Estate
Location: Reno, United States of America

This party is going to be so gnarly it will be like hanging out with Spicoli in Mr. Hand's class after ordering a large cheese pizza!  That's right, we are taking it back to the 80's for a fun filled festival of neon and high pony's.  This 80's themed Christmas party will be something that you won't want to miss.  The and only Spazmatics will be performing and bringing back the good times that we remember so well.  Put on those leg warmers and get ready to dance like your life depended on it!

EORT Monthly Board Meeting

8 January 2019
Venue: TBD
Location: United States of America

EORT Monthly Board Meeting

Learning - Rich Mulholland

15 January 2019
Venue: TBD
Location: United States of America

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get up from the table after a game of Monopoly and actually like the people that you played the game with?  Well Rich Mulholland, a board game creator out of South Africa is going to help prepare you to do so.  It isn't about playing the game, it is all about the rules.  Rich will take you down the path to find your own personal and business Victory Condition and help you create the rules to your own game of life and business that will ensure you are set to win.

Legacy Leadership with Ronald Reagan

16 January 2019
Venue: Riverside Rancheros
Location: Riverside, United States of America

Legacy Leadership with Ronald Reagan

Dan began his career in the post-Presidential office of Ronald Reagan where he had a front row seat to history and learned leadership from one of the best. Politics aside, President Reagan was one of the most gifted leaders the world has seen in a generation.

All spouses/significant others welcome to attend. And remember to bring an EO Qualifying Prospect!

Love, Logic and Family Fun at Virtual Sports

26 January 2019
Venue: Virtual Sports
Location: Tukwila, United States of America

Tired of your family on their phone?  Want more engagement with your friends, family and co-workers?  This event is for you – be intentional with your attention and then have fun with your EO community.

Love and Logic speaker Jedd Hafer will give practical skills for limiting distractions and increasing real engagement with kids (and other loved ones). In this fun presentation, he will share real actions we can take to connect better. He will also share some science behind human relationships and the incredible benefits of making even small, calculated adjustments to the way we interact. You will laugh as you learn simple, life-changing strategies. 

Who: The entire US West EO Community including members, accelerators, SAPs, significant others and families. Don't have kids, you can still come and have fun with other EOers.
When: January 26th, 12pm-5pm
Where: Virtual Sports, 17600 W Valley Hwy, Tukwila, WA 98188

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