The EO New Delhi University Was a Mind-Altering Experience

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Simran Bhargava, the 2008 EO New Delhi University keynote speaker, said, "You cannot look at India with your rational mind. You must look at this country of contradictions with your irrational mind to truly appreciate India in all its grandeur and spectacle."

Until they heard Ms. Bhargava explain this, many EOers had mixed feelings about India and its capitol city, New Delhi. For those who didn’t attend the University, imagine this: people hustling in the streets; hundreds of cars whizzing by; cows and monkeys along the highway; austere poverty contrasted by beautiful homes; and the positive attitude of Indians, despite the seemingly grim status of life.

Simran was absolutely right: You can’t think rationally about a country caught in such a paradox. But EOers embraced the country and saw it for what it really is: hospitable, generous, warm and welcoming.

Attendees of the New Delhi University learned about business, communications, sales and personal development, as well as the numerous business opportunities available in a country that not only needs them but is also proving that it’s well on its way toward becoming a major international competitor.

As members mingled during the "James Bond Night," they used new communication tools they had just learned from breakout speaker Christina Harbridge-Law. For instance, did you know that pumping your fists while your arms are at your sides can bring your adrenaline down if you're nervous? Christina also stressed the importance of being yourself when communicating with others. "People just want to see you be yourself, the you that you are with your closest friend. This is the ONE THING to be. Your singular experience makes you the perfect person, and the only person, to present your ideas," said Christina.

Members also learned a thing or two from keynote speaker Atul Punj, who talked about how to deal with family members when running a family business. In addition, breakout speaker Rajiv Memani and keynote speaker Nandan Nilekani opened EOers’ eyes, and minds, to India’s financial markets by discussing the country’s burgeoning economy and increasing global presence. And no one could forget the beauty of the opening night’s traditional Indian wedding of EO Spain members JC Duarte and Maria Sipka— only to be contrasted by the rambunctious singing and dancing at the closing night’s "Bollywood Extravaganza."

The EO New Delhi University was "a mind-altering experience," said John Martin St. Valery of EO U.A.E. "The energy and enthusiasm shared by fellow members, along with such a warm welcome from our Indian hosts, reshaped my business focus and injected vigor in me, for which I am sure my family and staff will be grateful!

"As a cynical entrepreneur and new EO member, I embarked upon my first University experience on my own and felt like it was my first day at a new school. But this experience has changed my business perspective indelibly," said John.


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