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You’ve received the e-mails and heard all the chatter about "Rock Star," EO’s newest initiative to help chapters meet necessary benchmarks, stay on track for success and receive recognition for doing exceptionally well. But how does this whole "Rock Star" thing apply to you?

To help explain, we sat down for a brief Q&A with Scott Fritz, an EO Las Vegas member and the Chapter Development Committee Chair for FY2007/2008. Scott—the visionary behind the Rock Star concept—saw the need to swap out the older system of chapter scoring with a newer, more specific chapter health checklist. Once implemented, chapter leaders would ensure that they achieved all of their goals and would therefore become strong, successful chapters that others would want to emulate. The Rock Star concept was launched, and EO chapters who achieve Rock Star status will be recognized at the Global Leadership Conferences this May.

Q:  What are some things individual members can do to help their chapters achieve Rock Star status?
A:  Every EO member can make a difference. Members can:

  • Answer the All-Member Survey that just went out on 4 March.
  • Sign up for Auto-Renewal.
  • Attend their local EO events.
  • Attend regional or Global EO events.
  • Volunteer to be on their chapter board or on a board committee.
  • Volunteer to be a co-chair.
  • Ask for a copy of the "Rock Star Checklist" from their chapter President, and learn how their chapter stacks up.
  • Make their own EO experience, and get involved in EO on any and every level where they have an interest. If their chapter achieves Rock Star status, they will have the best experience possible as an EO member. From my own experiences as a member leader and Strategy Summit Facilitator, I have seen what becoming a Rock Star chapter can do for every member involved. If every chapter in this organization would make this accomplishment a priority, we would truly be the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs!

Q:  What inspired you to start Rock Star?
A:  As a member leader, I was frustrated that there wasn’t a good way to measure results and "inspect what we expect." I knew there were common metrics that the most successful chapters consistently hit, and we as an organization needed to capture that data to help grow EO— just like you would in your company.

Along with other member leaders, the Chapter Development Committee and other EO Global staff, Penny McAlpin—Global Vice President of Membership—and I developed the Rock Star Checklist. When we finished, we discussed how to implement the program and build some sizzle into the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Inspired by a meeting I attended last year in Las Vegas, NV, USA, the idea came to me to recognize chapters that completed 100 percent of the checklist as Rock Star chapters. I believe that this program recognizes the best of the best and leaves no room for poseurs. So ask yourself … do you want to play in your basement, or at Madison Square Garden? Only Rock Stars play the big gigs!

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