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Wendy Papasan
EO Austin
Wendy Papasan - EO Austin

What inspired you to join the EO community?

WP: “They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I had been craving some high-level business conversation in Austin, and then I started hearing about EO from all sorts of people. First, my kids’ teacher was talking about it and then my real estate attorney mentioned it, so I investigated, applied and voila! I’m hoping to have some high-level business conversations in a safe environment. Also, our chapter seems to have a lot of fun, so that’s a bonus for a realtor.”

What’s your biggest lesson learned as an entrepreneur so far?

WP: “That’s easy: Hire talented people as quickly as possible so you can do the things you’re good at and not be stuck doing activities that hold you back from growing.”

What are your core values as an entrepreneur, and how do they help drive you?

WP: “Perfect timing! We just did a goalsetting retreat and came up with our company values. They are: ‘Leadership,’ ‘Excellence,’ ‘Learning-Based,’ ‘Bold’ and ‘Contribution.’ I believe the best way to grow is by hiring people who are more talented than you so you can deliver the best customer experience possible.”

What would people be surprised to learn about the real estate industry?

WP: “The real estate industry is changing rapidly, and one of the big trends is moving away from an individual agent model to the team approach. I think in the next 10 years, many, if not all individual agents, will be out of business or working on a team (hint, hint … we’re hiring).”

Your personal brand plays an integral role in real estate. What’s the best tip you can offer when it comes to perfecting your personal brand?

WP: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Welcome Wendy to EO— contact her at [email protected]!

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