EO Q&A: Achieving Success through Solidarity

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Judy Briggs
EO Boston
Judy Briggs - EO Boston

The concept of solidarity isn’t lost on EO members, especially when it comes to making a mark in the EO or global community. In this interview, Judy Briggs, a former Chapter President of EO Boston, highlights the powerful influence of the women entrepreneurs in her chapter.

Boston is a hot entrepreneurial market right now. Why do you think that is?

JB: “The Boston area is filled with so much entrepreneurial talent and spirit. With incredible schools like MIT, Harvard, Babson and more, we have a lot of young energy that keeps our market thriving. Groups like EO Boston, in particular, provide a support system for rising entrepreneurs and help take collaboration and focus to the next level. People here are passionate about what they do— when they see an opportunity, they take advantage of it.”

What has been the result of your local support so far?

JB: “Together, we’re building a stronger community. EO Boston has made a significant impact locally, and we continue to expand our influence. For example, the number of women in our chapter grew by 27% in the past year. I served as Chapter President for the FY2014/2015 term, and a fellow female member will serve in the role next year. We continue to thrive because we show others in the community that being a woman isn’t a setback.”

How are you empowering yourselves and others in the community?

JB: “The women in our chapter aren’t just entrepreneurs. We are moms, friends, volunteers and more. We are showing that you can have it all, despite the stereotypes and roadblocks you may think stand in your way. Ultimately, our goal is to help one another continually grow, personally and professionally, and we do that extremely well.”

Does EO Boston represent the growth of entrepreneurship in your region?

JB: “Absolutely. There are so many powerful entrepreneurs in the Boston area and they all represent our city really well. As I mentioned earlier, when people are presented with an opportunity here, they take it. There’s a lot of passion and determination in our chapter that inspires local entrepreneurs to be the best they can be.”

How are you all making a mark in your community?

JB: “From collaborating with other members in our chapter to involvement in non-profit work, our members are immersing themselves in the local community. We are proud of our city, state and region, and we are doing our best to support each other so that we can all succeed.”

To learn more about EO Boston’s success and the women who fuel it, contact Judy at [email protected].

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