EO US East Bridge

The US Bridge Chapter brings a US-based EO experience to EO members regardless of geography. Get connected with thought-leaders and peers who share your passions and interests but call someplace else home.

The US Bridge Chapter is ideal for those who:

Learn how the Bridge Chapter operates online, the benefits of US Bridge, and how to join.

Online Operation

The US Bridge Chapter operates primarily online. Events, Forums, and networking are arranged to accommodate the need for online participation.

EO Chapters are traditionally defined by a geographical area. The US Bridge Chapter is unique in that it accepts members regardless of location.

The online focus of the US Bridge Chapter allows peers to connect regardless of borders, but also removes focus from local area activities.

Benefits of the US Bridge Chapter

The US Bridge Chapter provides all EO benefits, with the the unique ability to connect EO membership regardless of location.

Please know that the Chapter's online and borderless focus means that local  activities are better served by existing Chapters.

The best news, is that you can be a member of both an existing Chapter and of the US Bridge Chapter!

EO US East Bridge
Membership Median Sales (US$) Employees
60 $1.71M 2,044
EO Global
Membership Median Sales (US$) Employees
18,000+ $4.1M 5,200,000


17,000+ Members

213 Chapters

60+ Countries

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