Upcoming Events

International Accelerator Learning Day 2019 in Hamburg

23 May 2019
Venue: 23.05.: View Eleven
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Accelerator Learning Day 2019 "EXECUTION" und optional

EO Unlimited 24.05.2019 - 1 Day Ticket

Town Hall Meeting

4 June 2019
Venue: Linen court
Location: London, United Kingdom

Everybody on deck!

Our chapter annual general meeting will be taking place on the 4th of June. Come along and voice your opinion, suggest some improvements and have a good time with a few drinks and socializing.

Our very own member Damien Blenkinsopp will be sharing his knowledge on Health Optimization:

Leveraging Your Greatest (and Most Neglected?) Productivity Asset

- Health Optimization ROI: Energy + Cognitive Function + Lifespan
- Today’s Reality: Myths, Hype, and What’s Working
- Practical Health Optimization: The Key Steps
- Case Study Intervention (walking a volunteer through health optimization)

Building a world class company culture

13 June 2019
Venue: Cass Business School
Location: London, United Kingdom

London, get ready for the speaker of the year! If you think Jack D was amazing, fasten your seatbelts, EO London has got a really big surprise for you:

The creator of " Miracle morning", "Double Double" and "Meetings suck" is actually coming to London! Save the date and cancel anything you might have planned, this vent is not to missed!

Cameron Herold has done over 485 paid speaking events in 11 years and has now spoken in 24 countries, on 5 continents.

Cameron has been the highest rated speaker 4 times at the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters program held onsite at MIT’s Endicott House, and taught at it 11 years in a row and is one of the highest rated speakers globally with YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization)

That's what hundreds of organizations--including a Big 4 wireless carrier and a monarchy--have experienced and that's what Cameron's coaching, speaking and business books bring to passionate businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. Cameron doesn't espouse theory, he weaves "in the trenches experience", gleaned through building $100 Million companies, with practical advice that gets businesses and business leaders growing immediately and rapidly.

Cameron is that rare individual who not only possesses knowledge and experience, but also the ability to present it clearly and effectively. Called "the best speaker I've ever heard" by Forbes magazine publisher, Rich Karlgaard, Cameron captures business audiences, educates them and empowers them to take the actionable steps needed for hyper-growth. An author of two successful business titles, Double Double and Meetings Suck, Cameron cuts through the business-speak, slays unproductive processes and guides business on the shortest, simplest path to exponential success.

Forum 201

17 June 2019
Venue: Battersea Power Station Development Company
Location: London, United Kingdom

Forum 201 is a one-day advanced educational workshop that builds upon the Forum foundation and focuses on leadership skills. It is an opportunity to have everyone in a Forum trained as a Moderator and thus raise the Forum IQ of the whole group. 

Execution day

28 June 2019
Venue: HSBC
Location: London, United Kingdom

How do you go about executing your strategy and creating a rhythm

-Create a simple execution rhythm using the Rockefeller Habits Checklist

-Create a sustainable meeting rhythm and free up your time

-Creating a sales playbook and accelerating revenue growth

-Creating a culture of accountability v/s responsibility


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