Upcoming Events

Board Meeting

19 September 2019
Venue: Address Marina Hotel
Location: United Arab Emirates

Chapter Board Meeting 

CEO Agile Transformation Program (Kick-off Lunch)

21 September 2019
Venue: TBA
Location: United Arab Emirates

This program is based on the principles of Agile Scale Ups. We will kick off September 2019 with a CEO induction dinner where the participant entrepreneurs will, together with Ed Capaldi, the Program Leader, and Arie van Bennekum, co-author of the Agile Manifesto and Global Thought leader on Agile Transformations co-actively discuss and agree the program content flow thus handcrafting the modules to suit the current market and economic reality.

The program is divided into ½-day masterclasses run every two months. These masterclasses are dedicated to the learning & implementation of the Program’s Growth Tools. Each class covers a deep-dive into one specific core element of Agile Transformation.

Program is open to Entrepreneurs and their most trusted 2IC.

‘Homework’ is integral to the program. Thus, each team will commit to ‘homework’ based on the masterclass so that they can lock down the learning immediately.

The evening before a masterclass a CEO Supper Club will bring together the Entrepreneurs to share the Good, Bad and Ugly sides of their progress.  We believe in the Fail Fast, Fail Often accelerated learning from the Agile Scaleup Build Measure Learn approach.

Chatham House Rules apply. 

In the Boardroom with Manohar Lahori

23 September 2019
Venue: TBA
Location: United Arab Emirates

Manohar Lohari

The Growth Investor

Manohar Lahori, Founder and Chairman - Palmon Group is living proof of the

adage ‘Work is Worship’. An entirely self-made man he firmly believes that your

genuine love and fulfilment for your work is the key to success.

Palmon Group is one of the first well-established, manufacturing, and logistics

companies in the UAE, having first opened in 1985. With three decades of

strategic planning, the group has an inherent ability to identify opportunities

added with adaptability to changing market trends. The company has gone from

strength to strength under the leadership of Mr. Lahori, who has been

recognized with various esteemed awards.

Today a pioneer in UAE’s real estate industry and a key figure in UAE’s business

scene, he is looked upon as a discerning investor.

Till date he remains a hands-on investor, whose investment style is grounded in

a complete understanding of the market and can described as ‘focused and

steady’ based on dedicating time and effort and maintaining a razor-sharp focus,

on the market where a lot depends on the timing of your investments.

An avid follower of the dynamic changes in financial markets, his efforts have

indeed paid of in the form of his portfolio which has grown 20% year on year

EOA Launch and Social Event

24 September 2019
Venue: Molecule Restaurant and Lounge
Location: United Arab Emirates

EOA Launch and Social Gathering

Cash Day with Daniel Nel

25 September 2019
Venue: Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Learning Day on Cash

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