EO Member Spotlight

EO Member Spotlight
Eugene Thompson

Ionic Dezign Studios, Inc

Member Since: 21 April 2015

Message from chapter president Eugene Thompson:

 I was first introduced to EO at a dinner party. There were several different business owners and their wives in attendance where we were entertained during the networking and mingling event. The majority of the people in attendance were no one I had met or know before. When the Entrepreneurs’ Organization was discussed, I hadn’t heard anything about it but after several discussions about the organization and its members  it sounded like something I had clearly been missing.

With no real “education” in managing or growing a business (even though I had been successful at surviving for the last 15 years), I knew I needed guidance and support to continue. As an architect, the profession seemingly keeps everything a guarded secret. Nobody shares anything with anyone. However, with EO, the group is focused on peer-to-peer relationships within different industries and each strive to help one another.

I was invited to an all day seminar at ODU where several speakers got up and shared various business practices and strategies. I couldn’t stop taking enough notes. At one point several members of the local chapter shared their experiences from EO and how they have benefited from their time in the organization. It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted in and quickly took the steps to join.

Within a short time, I was encouraged to get involved on the board, participate in regional events and eventually step into the role of chapter president. I have been embraced by many within our own local chapter through the years while making amazing relationships with other members all over the United States as well as worldwide. The more I’ve been able to participate in the various parts of EO, the more knowledge and experiences I’ve been able to use to enhance my own learning as well as incorporate the strategies for my businesses. Each day is an amazing experience, if you choose to make the journey.

During my two years of presidency, I wish to achieve the recognition and involvement of EO within our local community. To place EO on the footsteps of every entrepreneur in our community that is looking for more, more than they ever imagined available.


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