EO Member Spotlight

EO Member Spotlight
Marion Long

Therapeutic Interventions

Member Since: 15 December 2011

A message from the Chapter President, Marion Long:

EO has changed my life and the way that I approach business.  That is a strong statement, but I feel strongly about the impact that EO has had on my life.  I do not have an MBA and I don’t know everything there is to know about business. So, when EO was introduced to me by fellow member John Finguerra, I jumped at the opportunity to start learning from other business owners and what they were willing to share.  At first, I simply attended my forum meetings and soaked it all in and I was getting value out of my membership.  However, I found that the more I lean in the more I got out of my membership.  I joined the board and when to a few regional and global events and I have not looked back. 

My involvement with EO has enabled me to systemize my business and tighten my procedures.  I have since been approached by a much larger regional agency and my company was just acquired.  It is hard to see progress sometimes when you are in your business, because you are always trying to improve.  My reassurance came after I sold my business.  After the acquisition the agency that purchased my company stated that in all the acquisitions that they have made our agency was the best run and had the most solid structure. It feels good to get the validation but to be honest I owe it all to EO.


My goal while president is to introduce as many of our members to the chapter and regional opportunities that are available.  Of course, it’s up to each member to choose their path…I just want to make sure everyone has a map in their hands.


Marion Long

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