EO Member Spotlight

EO Member Spotlight
Todd Preti

Migett Preti Olansen PC

Member Since: 9 October 2013

Message from chapter president Todd Preti:

I met Martin Joseph at a golf tournament in 2013. While we were playing golf, he brought up EO. I had never heard of the organization but the more Martin described its purpose, the more I was intrigued. Martin later invited me to attend a Test Drive. As an attorney, I had met many business owners but getting to talk to them in a non-attorney setting sold me on EO. I joined and like many new members I was SLOW to get involved. I went to my forum meetings (which I really enjoyed and to this day I still feel is the most rewarding part of EO) but not much else. Months later I saw a friend, Chip Dodd, and he had jumped into EO with not just both feet - but his whole body! He gave me a great experience share - he told me how much the learning events had already changed his life and business - he went to everything. Thankfully, I took Chip’s experience share to heart and started going to more and more events which led to me joining the board.

While the learning events are great and provided me with new and innovative solutions for my businesses and personally, the best part was meeting the other members and really getting to know them. The knowledge and experience our chapter members (as well as all EO members) possess is truly amazing. They all seem so willing to share that knowledge and experience with other EO members.

Everyone has to decide what they want out of EO, but I have found that if you don’t take the first step and get involved in more than just forum then you are losing out on a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience. I hope you get involved and find the EO path that brings you knowledge, information and joy for not only your business but also you personally.

My major objectives during my two-year term as president are to personally (phone or in person) meet every member and to make sure that all our members have the tools and resources to get the most out of their EO experience.

Todd Preti

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