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From Bad to Worse to Best in Class with Hao Lam

21 November 2019
Venue: Mpower Mortgage
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, United States of America

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a political refugee? How do you go from being an illiterate street kid to the CEO of a national education franchise?

Most people would give up on a goal after thirteen years of trying. Hao Lam isn’t most people. Growing up as a seven-year-old in wartorn Vietnam, Hao was a penniless street kid. He frequently skipped school, went hungry, and watched his family experience political persecution. Despite getting shot at and even jailed, Hao finally found himself in the US at the age of 27, having just earned his college degree and gotten married to the love of his life. Even then, Hao hadn’t quite reached his fairy-tale ending. He failed again and again at trying to achieve the American Dream. Restaurants, mortgage companies, real-estate companies - they all went bankrupt. True to his never-give-up nature, Hao persisted in seeking out his own version of the American Dream.

New Member Welcome Reception

21 November 2019
Venue: Washington Athletic Club
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States of America

Please join us as we welcome new members to EO Seattle.

EO Holiday Party Under the Northern Lights

7 December 2019
Venue: Nordic Museum
Location: Seattle, United States of America

Celebrate the Holiday season with other EO members under the Northern Lightswith DJ Greg Corner. DJ Corner came to be known as The President’s DJ in August of 2011, when he was invited to DJ President Barack Obama’s 50th Birthday party at Aragon Ballroom, playing alongside such notable musical guests as Herbie Hancock, OK GO, and Jennifer Hudson. After that success he was invited to DJ more political events for the First Lady Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and for the entire Obama campaign staff on election night.

Dress to impress in cocktail attire. Light appetizers and cocktails will be available throughout the evening. 

Complimentary parking available at the Nordic Museum.

Winning Presentations

12 December 2019
Venue: Dockside at Duke's
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States of America

Yawning. Checking the time. Reading email. If your audience is doing any of those things, you suck as a speaker. But what makes a great presentation? What generates energy with your audience? How do you create the action you’re looking for? Join Andrea Heuston for the workshop, Creating Winning Presentations. We’ll review the top 10 things you can do to make your message stick with energy and creativity, no matter what the topic!

Cybersecurity for Every Business

23 January 2020
Venue: TBA
Location: United States of America

Cybersecurity for Every Business: What You Need to Know to Say Safe & Protected

You hear in the news (and have likely experienced) about the breaches as a consumer and business owner. You think ---What do I need to do to improve cybersecurity for my business? Are we protected? Security is full of unknowns, but there are simple ways to help your business fend off the financial and reputational losses that occur when you become a victim of cybercrime. The days of cybercriminals' targeting only large, multinational companies is past. Attackers are going after any business they think is vulnerable, has financial means, or has valuable data. 

This event will guide you on:

1) what are the most relevant issues right now in cybersecurity 
2) assessing your business and potential cybersecurity changes
3) practical tools to make changes and decisions to enable security for your company

Derek Kalles, Founder and CEO of the Kalles Group will be our speaker

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