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Dave Asprey & EO on Adapting to a Healthy Life through COVID

1 April 2020
Venue: Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/286164847
Location: United States of America

Dave Asprey & EO on Adapting to a Healthy Life through COVID-19 w/ QA


1 April 2020
Venue: Virtual Webinar - Zoom
Location: United States of America

POSTPONED:Andy Fastow Explores the Dangers of the Gray Areas

1 April 2020
Venue: Axis Corner Gallery
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States of America

The EO Seattle Board and Chapter staff have been closely monitoring the impact COVID-19 outbreak on our region and nation. We are staying current with the recommendations/mandates of the CDC, Federal Government and our State at reducing risk of exposure to COVID-19. The EO Seattle Board has decided to postpone this event with every intent to reschedule once we all have a better idea of the impact of COVID-19.

Please do reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas on who we can connect during this difficult time. During this time more than ever with need our members to connect and support each other in every possible way.

Kevin Hartz

EO Seattle President


[email protected]

The former CFO of Enron, Andy Fastow, asks “How is it possible to go from a CFO of the year to federal prison for doing the same deals?”

Feeling Stressed? Fireside Chat w/ Dr. Mark Goulston

3 April 2020
Venue: Zoom Registration:
Location: United States of America

Feeling Stressed? Join us as Dr. Betty Uribe conducts a fireside chat with Stress & Suicide Prevention expert, Dr. Mark Goulston, via ZOOM to answer your questions.

EO Virtual Cooking Lesson With Nick Brune!

3 April 2020
Venue: Webinar coming soon
Location: United States of America

Description:Virtual Cooking Lesson 3 Individual Courses for 4 5pm - 7pm Friday Healthy Immune Boosting Meals to beat the shit out of COVID

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