Upcoming Events

Academi Experience - Once in a Lifetime!

18-19 May 2017
Venue: Academi
Location: Moyock NC,

The ACADEMI Experience is an unmatched team-building overnight event that brings our group to ACADEMI’s 7,000-acre flagship facility in Moyock, North Carolina. We will go behind the scenes and experience the world of elite training with veteran U.S. Special Operations Forces and U.S. law enforcement professionals. 

Your all-inclusive, private experience combines learning and adrenaline-pumping activities to deliver an engaging and inspiring environment.

-Home Defense 
-Situational Awareness Activity
-Beyond Normal Limits Driving 

Experiences are designed for guests of all fitness levels and abilities. No prior firearms, military or tactical experience is required to participate. 

Call Fussman - Change your Questions, Change your Life

12 October 2017
Venue: TBD
Location: Chapel Hill, United States of America


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