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Capturing Saddam - Eric Maddox, Negotiator - Guests Welcome

12 September 2019
Venue: Sitti Restaurant
Location: Raleigh, United States of America

Eric Maddox was a rookie interrogator in 2003 when he conducted over 300 interrogations which led to the exact location and subsequent capture of Saddam Hussein.

After having conducted over 2700 interrogations, Eric became an expert at listening. He also became aware that most people, while well intended, believe they are listening when they are actually not listening well. He became so effective at gleaning information from his prisoners using this tool that he now applies what he learned in the more hostile world of war to the (sometimes hostile) civilian world of business.

Eric Maddox, Negotiator - Member's Only Workshop

13 September 2019
Venue: The Wedding Exchange
Location: Durham, United States of America

Eric has spoken to over 50 EO chapters, and we're looking forward to this workshop where he will speak to 20 of our members about how empathy based listening can help their businesses grow and succeed. This members only workshop will be on Friday, September 13th from 9am to 12pm at Wendy Clark's venue The Wedding Exchange in Durham. 

Members, this workshop which will be capped at 20 participants, so reserve your space today!

EONY Exclusive Evening with Randi Zuckerberg

18 September 2019
Venue: TBA
Location: United States of America

Join us for a rare opportunity to participate in a fireside chat Q&A with Randi Zuckerberg, EONY Exclusive!

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind - SIGNATURE EVENT

21 October 2019
Venue: Eisenhower Corporate Campus
Location: Livingston, United States of America

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind - SIGNATURE EVENT

(10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms)

The Christmas Carol - with Ira David Wood III - Front Row!

11 December 2019
Venue: Raleigh Memorial Auditorium
Location: Raleigh, United States of America

We will have an SAP mastermind event for members in the afternoon in the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. Families are welcome to attend A Christmas Carol's opening night performance.

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