Upcoming Events

Time To Bring Out The Big Guns

5 December 2020
Venue: Raahauge's Shooting Range
Location: Corona, California, United States of America

Come out and join EOIE for a day of Clay Shooting. You will have up to three of instruction time to learn or be able to shoot on you own. For those that already have experience you're welcome to shoot at your own pace.

You will have the chance to practice shooting with different size and different color targets. For more of challenge targets are presented in ways that mirror flight and movement patterns of game birds and rabbits in the wild.

Growth Inciter - Reboot Your Business with Ami Kassar

9 December 2020
Venue: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89290173899
Location: United States of America

Growth plans are no longer a luxury. They're a requirement.

This timely, interactive workshop, including a LIVE digital workbook, walks business owners through Growth Inciter Exercises to RESET their Goals, Business Plans, and Assumptions.

In this session we will evaluate and process:

- INVESTMENT: What will you invest your time and money in to move your business forward?

- RISK: What is your risk tolerance, and how does it compare to 2019?

- WEAKNESSES: What is your organization's most significant weakness today, and how do you plan to resolve it?

- FUNDING: Understanding financing options and alternatives to fund growth.

How To Be A Great Boss with Ian Tonks

16 December 2020
Venue: MPower Mortgage Member Kenny Stigler's Office
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States of America

Successful companies have employees who are productive, engaged and happy. And it starts at the top! Great leaders and managers don’t tiptoe around the fact that they’re in charge. They take pride in their role and genuinely care about their people. They aren’t overbearing and don’t think their titles give them special privileges. They understand that great employees are one of the organization’s best assets, and as such work to create and maintain an environment where people excel. No matter what title is on your business card, this workshop will guide you to be the best ‘boss’ you can be – not only for your employees, but for yourself and the future of your company.

The 40 Hour Work Year with Scott Fritz

7 January 2021
Venue: Member Kenny Stigler's Office
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States of America

You will experience Scott Fritz’s entrepreneurial journey first hand, as he shares with you the business tools, action focused exercises and mindset philosophy that allowed him to achieve The 40 Hour Work YEAR.

A Night of Magic with Anthony the Magic!

16 January 2021
Venue: Member, Todd Wohrman's, Backyard
Location: Corona, California, United States of America

Join EOIE for a refreshing change of pace to add a spark in your night that you and your family will remember for a long time.

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