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Shamit Khemka is the founder and CEO of SynapseIndia. Headquartered in Noida, India, SynapseIndia brings with it a vast team of qualified and well-seasoned professionals extending the best of technology to the global clientele since 2000.

Motivated by the soaring popularity of Magento, many developers and businesses are lured towards Magento development. However, the truth is that developing a “successful” Magento site isn’t every company’s cup of tea. You would need the best of coders, business analysts, Web analysts and online marketing team to establish a successful online business using Magento.

Here’s a quick overview of the various aspects of Magento you must acquaint yourself with, while you speak with professional Magento development companies and their smart sales managers.

It is all about customizing and shaping Magento’s shopping cart or e-commerce site in such a manner that it perfectly suits your business needs. Powered by all the e-commerce features you can think of, this sophisticated solution renders impeccable control and flexibility in the hands of the developer, as well as store owner.

The Magento customization process calls for a great degree of astuteness and a fair amount of creativity and visualization, as well, on part of the developers. The process would ideally include:

  • Magento template integration
  • Magento theme customization
  • Custom shipping and payment module integration
  • Magento installation and configuration

Magento Template Integration
Finding a suitable theme is facilitated by various Web sites offering free and paid Magento themes online. However, one must be skilled enough to integrate the existing template with the Web site.

Magento Theme Customization
The wide world of the Web extends a myriad of Magento themes for your shopping cart. However, the truth is that a majority of these are remolded versions of the default Magento themes. With Magento theme customization, you can render your Web site with that unique look and feel.

Magento Search Engine Optimization
When it comes to Magento development and customization, we can certainly not overlook the SEO part. Without being optimized for the search engines, your Web site would remain invisible to the business prospects.

What’s worth mentioning here is that when compared to the static Web sites that require a few HTML pages for optimization, the process is drastically different in the case of a Magento site. Thorough understanding and expertise in configuration settings in CMS is what you need to possess in order to ensure your Magento e-commerce site ranks higher across the search engine result pages. Options offered by a CMS platform include:

  • Optimize the store with “no follow” tags
  • To set robots.txt
  • To resolve canonical issue
  • Editing .htaccess to avoid duplicate content
  • Implementing redirections as and when necessary
  • Create XML Google sitemap
  • Integrate unique and relevant title and meta description, as well as meta keywords to each category and product pages, etc.

To ensure the success of your Magento shopping cart, you’ll have to make sure that everything from the Magento e-commerce store customization to optimization is done perfectly.

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