The Power of a Gesture

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Mick Mullins
EO Brisbane
Mick Mullins - EO Brisbane

EO Brisbane has a tradition of celebrating at the end of each fiscal year, lauding the accomplishments of the departing administration and installing new board members. This year, we embraced the French concept of dîner en blanc, a private party whose location isn’t announced until the day of the event and where all guests are required to wear white. Since our annual parties are held during Australia’s winter season, you can only imagine how difficult it is to dress in weather-appropriate, white attire.

Nevertheless, we came dressed for a good time. Rob Nixon, the outgoing Chapter President, led the ceremony, handing the “baton” from one leader to the next. The awards portion highlighted members who epitomized EO’s five core values and included an award honoring Darren Mullen, who passed away in the early formation of the chapter. This award is particularly special to me since I was a Forum buddy of Darren’s, and I had the honor of presenting it. This year’s winner, Belinda Vesey-Brown, is a powerhouse contributor who oversaw the launch of our EO Accelerator program in a matter of weeks. This was a very special moment to share with Belinda, and she received our chapter’s highest honor— the chance to crowd surf! It’s a meaningful ritual that shows our appreciation.

To my surprise, I was also honored that night for my service to the chapter. Before I knew it, I was lifted up by my peers and crowd surfing across the room. I have no idea how everyone held me, but it was one of the most euphoric moments of my life. I think we all harbor a dream of being lifted onto the shoulders of our peers, yet this was most humbling. It was apparent in that moment the respect I held from my peers and the gratitude I felt in return. The power of that gesture has had a profound impact on me. Thank you, EO Brisbane, for your (literal) support! I think my smile says it all.

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