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Karina Koper
Karina Koper
EO Guatemala

For many EO members, pursuing a leadership path within the organization is a great way to make a mark on the local, regional and global level. EO Guatemala’s Karina Koper is doing that and more, serving as Learning Director and the first female Chapter President in EO’s Latin America/Caribbean (LAC) region. We sat down with Karina to talk about her leadership journey, the value of EO and her chapter’s future.

You’re the first female Chapter President in all of LAC— what does that mean to you?

KK: It’s something I never dreamed would happen! I’ve been fortunate to serve in various leadership roles in EO, but getting to lead my chapter is really amazing. EO has given me a wonderful journey, and this is my way of giving back. I hope I can inspire other women to get involved in leadership positions— not just in EO, but in all of LAC.

How has your EO leadership journey helped you become a better entrepreneur?

KK: Not long ago, I was really sick, and EO was a way for me to get healthy. I used to put 15 hours a day into my business, and I wound up neglecting other things that were more important— my friends, my family, my health. I needed to learn how to delegate better, but the challenge was finding the right people and putting my trust in them. It was hard for me to let go at first. Thanks to the Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP), I discovered how to create more time for myself. My leadership path changed my whole perspective on how to run my business and life. Now I have three companies and more free time than I’ve ever had!

What do you hope to accomplish in EO Guatemala this year?

KK: For starters, we have to grow our chapter. People see this great entrepreneurial presence in Guatemala— we want to grow that and make a bigger impact throughout Latin America. Also, I want to make sure EO Guatemala is healthy for another 10 years. And I want to ensure my fellow board leaders enjoy their positions. I chose my board very carefully, and I know that each of them will really enjoy their leadership experience.

What would you tell other members who are interested in EO leadership?

KK: I’d tell them that every minute you’re in a leadership position you’re going to learn something. You have to put a lot of time in and be committed to EO and your chapter, but your hard work will come back to you in many, many amazing ways. When you pursue a leadership position in EO, you’re welcomed into a new family of leaders who will have your back in work and life

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