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What is your favorite social media tool for business?

“I stick to e-mail through an easily accessible cloud account. The ability to precisely target those whom I want to involve with a particular conversation, as well as the searchable records, provides me with a primary business document system.”

- Greg Stemm, EO Tampa

 “I’m using Hootsuite. It’s a free app, and it integrates, a social media-weighing source. As a result, I can view both my own social media impact and that of those I follow or who follow me.”

- Jim James, EO Beijing

 “Besides LinkedIn, my favorite social media tool for business is Yammer. It’s an internal social
network actively used by our employees around the world, and it keeps us on the same page.”

- Heleen M.N. Dura-Vanord, EO Netherlands

 “Definitely Twitter! Twitter distils the essence of the news and views for the time-constrained CEO. It helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the industry for breaking news, public sentiment, politics, entertainment, etc.”\

- Elaine Chuah, EO Malaysia

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