Low-Cost Global Communication

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EO Spain-Barcelona, EO New Jersey
Michele McKenna
EO New Jersey

Michele is president of Market Analytics International, a research company that provides market, business and competitive intelligence to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies globally. You can reach Michele at mmckenna@marketanalytics.com.

One of the biggest challenges I face when traveling overseas is communicating with my staff and clients on high-quality phone lines. While my mobile phone is very efficient, a cell bill can be upward of US$1,000 each trip. To avoid this, I adopt alternative methods of communication that offer a much lower cost.

  • I have an account with www.pingo.com that provides toll-free access codes in 36 countries and offers international rates as low as two cents a minute. With this service, calls can be made directly from my hotel room.

  • For frequently visited countries, I purchase local subscriber identity module (SIM) cards, so that I can accept incoming calls at no charge and make local calls at minimal costs.

  • Rather than throw away an old cell phone, I repurpose it. While on travel, I bring along an old, “unlocked” cell phone, so I can convert it into a local telephone.

  • I connect our “magic jack” (www.magicjack.com), an Internetbased telephone service, to a regular desk phone and laptop. This lets me have a fully equipped office wherever I am able to access the Internet.

  • I leverage my EO benefits. When a hotel room “office” doesn’t cut it, I take advantage of our discounted access to Regus offices. I’ve used several of these facilities in various cities; they come in very handy when I have long conference calls and client meetings.

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