High-Altitude Entrepreneurship

Article by:
Bill Trimble, EO Vancouver
Bill Trimble
EO Vancouver

Bill is the president of 98 Corporate Group Resources Ltd., a privately held company that specializes in public company administrative management and corporate finance. Bill can be reached at [email protected].

Some people call me a “University Junkie,” on account of all the EO Universities I’ve attended over the years. For two decades, I have had the pleasure of experiencing more than 33 Universities and countless other EO events. Throughout them all, I’ve gained priceless memories and invaluable lessons learned when it comes to EO travel:

  • Book early when possible. If the event is on another continent, traveling to and from becomes a priority. I book my flights as soon as possible to utilize points or value fares for business class.

  • Make the most of your flight time. I make it a point to fly direct when possible. I use the time I have on the flight to review my University materials, highlighting must-see speakers and sessions I’d like to attend.

  • Take advantage of your stay. If an event is located in a country or region I have yet to visit, I typically plan an extended stay. I’ve found the trip is more rewarding at the front end of the University than afterward. If I’m attending an event, and I don’t plan on staying longer, I will never show up the day it starts. I like to arrive two days ahead of time. When you show up the day of the event, everything becomes a rush, especially if you’re traveling through numerous time zones or experiencing flight delays.

  • Stick with the EO -hosted hotel. I would never stay anywhere other than the hotel that EO chose to host the event. It’s where the action is, and it makes it easier to handle schedule readjustments. Also, it’s my experience that EO chooses the best facilities for its members, so you know you’re getting a great rate.

  • Never skip the lunches. If you’re going to take a break during the day (which I always do), make sure it’s not during the lunches— it’s a great time to network! I always make it a point to sit with new people so I can learn from as many entrepreneurs as possibl

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