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Dominic Rubino, EO Vancouver
Dominic Rubino
EO Vancouver

Dominic Rubino is owner of the management services company the Fulcrum Agency Inc. He is a professional business coach, sales trainer and corporate speaker. His “Ultimate Sales Meetings” series can be viewed at

From baseball to construction, teams are every­where. As entrepreneurs, we are programmed to look in one direction — toward the future — and we must put trust in our teams to bring our vision to life.

Picture your favorite sports team. Each member plays to his strengths and to the strengths of the rest of the team. They have a solid goal and have practiced long hours to get there. And while those goals and strategies are different for every team, every league has a set of rules to which teams must adhere. Every coach has an action plan that is fol­lowed with precision.

And so it is in business. Your team can play any way you want. But, it’s up to you, as the leader, to estab­lish an action plan and the rules of the game.

I have been fortunate. Early in my career as a sales manager, I was trained on some very simple, power­ful leadership tactics that I have used with great results. Whether you are managing a staff of three at an ice cream stand or lead a massive corporation, the same principles apply.

Step 1: Your Leadership Toolbox
To lead and inspire your team, first make sure that your complete toolbox of leadership skills is in check. Plus, be prepared to play by the rules you set. The fact is, any team failure is ultimately a leadership failure, so leading by example is paramount.

Step 2: Establish a Common Goal
I train each staff member the same way. Everyone may have a different role, but we all have a common goal. It is up to you as the leader to direct and define these common goals so that each staffer under­stands the importance of working together.

Step 3: The Rules
With your goals established, you need to develop how to play the game. Having a long list of rules does not do anybody any favors, so it is best to keep everything as simple as possible. If you can, establish one all-encompassing golden rule that will have an impression within your company and let it become almost like a mission statement for you and your staff.

That kind of overriding rule, for “how we do it here,” is invaluable in building your business in the way that you envisioned it and with the people you want. You want to create a team of people who are clear on the directives and goals of the company and are moti­vated to help you achieve them. The best employees are the ones who share your commitment to moving the business forward.

When the rules are clear, there is a much greater likelihood that all of the elements of a successful business will be in place. Imagine a world where you could be on the other side of the planet (Hawaii!!) from your base of operations and feel confident that everyone under your command was making decisions independently, on your behalf, with only one concern: “Am I moving this business forward?”

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