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Steve Satterwhite EO Houston
Steve Satterwhite
EO Houston

Every year, EO hosts global events designed to take the EO experience to the next level. Steve Satterwhite, an EO Houston member and Committee Chair of the recent 2011 EO Texas University, shares his insights into the value of EO events and the benefits of hosting a University.

What value did the EO Texas University deliver to members?

“Like in every EO event, the EO Texas University had great speakers, educational off-sites and over-the-top social events. But what made the event special was the bonding between members. To emphasize the networking, we formed ‘tribes’ of global members, all of whom were connected through similar passions, ideas and values. These tribes were led by an EO Texas Ambassador, and they opened the door for powerful connections to form. Attendees will take these relationships with them forever— that is the power of Universities!”

What was it like leading a committee of your peers?

“By far, the most meaningful experience I’ve had as an EO member was as Committee Chair of the University and the leadership training it provided. Two years ago, we put together a powerful committee of EO leaders from Houston, Texas, USA, and Latin America. This committee taught me to stay focused on the vision and goal of the University, and lead with my heart and soul. By heeding their advice, we were able to achieve our objectives and well exceeded our vision.”

What did working with a University committee teach you on a personal level?

“Over the course of this University experience, I found the leadership voice I had been looking for in the past 14 years as an entrepreneur. I found a way to lead with authenticity, and the willingness to take risks that I wouldn’t have taken in the past. I know without a doubt that a small flame has been lit inside of me that I didn’t have access to before. This is all because the committee members helped me see who I am and shined the spotlight on the unique experiences I can bring to the table as a leader.”

What are the benefits of hosting an EO event?

“The energy that the University brought to EO Houston, as well as the local area, was beyond our expectations. We co-hosted this event with the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region. In lieu of their annual LAC Conference, we joined to put on an event that would build bridges among the US and Latin American regions. I believe the University brought us together in a whole new way; the brotherhood, camaraderie and bonds that we formed among the chapters are something that we’re all very proud of. I think the residual effects of member value and member retention will be felt for years to come.”

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