What EO Means to Me

Article by:
Travis Holowach, EO Edmonton
Travis Holowach
EO Edmonton

What does EO mean to me?
It’s like an extension of my family
It’s sharing and laughing and sad times, too
Personal experiences— what we’ve done, not what we’d do
It’s learning and growing
And making new friends
It’s taking chances and risks
The thrill never ends
It’s good times and bad times
Professional growth for all
It’s learning from our Forums
Through Gestalt Protocol
It’s where fame and fortune
Come to play
From a private KISS concert in Vegas
To the Playboy mansion in L.A.
But it’s not all about the money
It’s about giving, too
To the less fortunate and homeless
The bare essentials and food
It shrinks our nation and binds our city
It showcases our true personality
It’s where you’ll find a helping hand
From your home chapter or a far-off land
If it’s a shoulder to cry on
You’ll find one here
So your spouse can still think
You’re as tough as you appear
EO is where you’ll come to find
We’re challenging each other with resourceful minds
We’re supportive and thoughtful
And when needed, we’re even there for a funeral
EO has taught me to be a better me
For my wife, my kids and extended family
I’d be a lost soul without it, of that there’s no doubt
I’m twice the man today, than I would have been without

Travis Holowach is the owner of R3 Deconstruction & Demolition. E-mail Travis at [email protected].

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