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Opportunity in a crisis, how to restructure with economy

7 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/165812715
Location: United States of America

When a crisis takes place in any recession the need for agility and speed is ever-present - how do you restructure and re model the business in a declining economy to take market share. 

Darren and Linzi will talk you through the three key decision points that require focus to restructure and align the business to adapt to a new economic cycle. 

These will include: 

- Team size 
- How to restructure and align the team 
- Releasing resources into different growth areas 
- Training 
- Increase the capability with fewer resources

"Navigating Now and Preparing Post Crisis" - Webinar #4

8 April 2020
Venue: Virtual
Location: Australia

Topics: Culture & Resilience Through a Crisis + 
Managing and Building a Remote Workforce

Open to: EO Members, Accelerators, Key Executive Forum and SLP Forum

The new trading economy: time, knowledge and money

9 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/496296386
Location: United States of America

We used to trade commodities and the world has now changed - Purpose is the new trading currency and people are looking to reconnect with themselves and each other to prepare them for the new era.

The 21st-century business model will see a new trading economy rise, where people are no longer looking solely for commercial gain.

How will your business engage in the new trading economy of the 21st century?

Product Innovation through a Recession

14 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/592763657
Location: United States of America

Whatever products you were selling in to the recession are not the products that will see you through the recession, You have to innovate, we need new products to attract the customers, new pricing strategy ones and you need to bundle the core product. 

Product innovation through a recession creates growth.

Are your ready to innovate your products and pricing for the next phase of growth?

How will we be doing business in the new era?

16 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/329001851
Location: United States of America

The 20th Century business thinking was focused around making profit, it was creating a singular product mindset not worrying about the impact the product was having on the client or the planet.

21st-century thinking is a more balanced approach to society, purpose beyond profit and legacy beyond fame. People will drive an integrated approach not only to the whole of the business model but how they connect with other people and businesses to create the change

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