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EO Member Spotlight
Ian Perrex


Member Since: 3 February 2014

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Ian Perrex has been in EO Dallas since early 2014. If you can’t put the name to a face, don’t worry. Ian has been very busy with Life 2.0. He’s changed his business, split his home base in two, refocused his life, and even taken a new name. Ian Perrex was formerly Thom Adams.

Ian sold his original EO-qualifying business and started a new one two years ago. It’s called BoardRE, Inc. and is the equivalent of “a rich uncle that buys a house for you, and you pay your uncle later with a mortgage,” explains Ian. BoardRE (which is currently operating only in Colorado, on the verge of a rebranding and likely to expand in the coming year) allows buyers to make all-cash offers on houses. Board approves a mortgage on behalf of buyers, purchases the desired home on behalf of the buyers with all cash, and then sells the home back to the buyers for the same price.

“This is great in hot markets especially,” explained Ian. “If you’re a seller you want a cash buyer because you don’t want contingencies and waiting periods and the possibility of financing falling through. If you have two offers, you’ll take the cash — even if it’s lower — because of the fast closing, no fallout over financing, all of that. We’re a lender and service provider all at once. We do a full mortgage underwrite, get you a mortgage, then we tell you what you can afford to buy, and you go out with your real estate agent and find your house … We make money on the origination. Rates are competitive as we work with lenders on the back end. Right now, there’s a ton of demand.”

Ian is the company’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. His fellow officers are young, Ivy leaguers who left school to pursue their entrepreneurial dream. He found the company through an Angel list. Ian is the opposite: He already has a Master’s degree from Stanford and is pursuing a doctorate at Purdue University. “That’s my impulse – to do education because it energizes me. It’s not a necessity, and I recognized that my partners had the entrepreneurial mindset. For me, the CTO role needs an engineering background, a formality of knowledge.”

The business change came about as Ian reflected on much of his life. He was raised near San Diego and then Montana, thriving in the outdoors in both places. A few years ago, he began reading and “living” David Allen’s “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.” He’d also been mulling over a quote from Joseph Campbell about how the universe has no meaning. Campbell believed that people exist to experience being human. “They don’t have to achieve anything, just experience being human,” said Ian. “It touched me because I’d been feeling that since I was 14 but wasn’t able to articulate it. It wasn’t negative. It was just, like don’t be burdened with needing to achieve something --- a flower doesn’t have to mean anything…. It is just beautiful.”

So, as Ian was on a long hike alone, pondering existence, achievement, life and its meaning …. “I got this sense that this change was happening to me, and I realized I was going to change my name. I just felt like I was informed that it was going to happen, not like I chose it.” Ian is pronounced as you would expect, as is his new middle name, Ash. But the last name is pronounced “PAIRKS”. He learned later that the Latin base (Ian is a hobbyist linguist, studying up to 10 languages every day) is PEREO, which means “I vanish, disappear.” It fit into his transformation. “You get away from trying to accomplish all of this stuff,” he said. “It just doesn’t go into nothingness … you still have the human experience. You can love everything!”

Ian is well aware that this all sounds far-fetched and ill-matched with his thriving, growing new business. “I’m still driven,” he said. “But there’s a paradox of I don’t have to accomplish anything. I’m on the border of two countries and have dual citizenship. It’s hard to explain. Sometimes it’s hard to keep it balanced. You don’t have to be stressed to have ambition.”

The immediate future looks bright to Ian.He wants to build his new company to a billion dollar company and thinks that an economic resurgence is coming “When a Covid vaccine comes out and things can get restored, I’m expecting that some of the latent demand of the world will return in a bounce. But I don’t think it’s going to be a bounceback … People are realizing their geographic relationship to their workplace is not as strong as it was … In 2021, I think it’s going to be an interesting economic revitalization. Some things are going to lose and some things are going to win. In my industry, it’s great timing for the new mortgage approach.”

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