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Blind Dinner

24 March 2018
Venue: Melrose Market Studios
Location: Seattle, United States of America

Potentially a life changing experience, you don't want to miss this. If you're getting married on this day, reschedule and join us for a dinner that will transform your perspective on life.

In a culture addicted to multi-tasking, with images and stimuli flashing in our faces non-stop, this one-of-a-kind sensory experience forces attendees to be fully present. They’re forced to connect with those around them, despite the darkness, in an unfamiliar, emotionally powerful way.

EO Talks - terceira edição

26 March 2018
Venue: COW - CoWorking Space Berrini
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

EO Talks é a oportunidade que a EO São Paulo encontrou para uma maior troca de experiências entre seus membros, onde cada um deles pode falar sobre sua história empreendedora, seus maiores desafios e aprendizados, frente ao restante do capítulo num evento de learning.

EOCO 2018 All Chapter Retreat at The Broadmoor

5-6 April 2018
Venue: The Broadmoor | 1 Lake Ave | Colorado Springs, CO

EOCO - are you ready for our amazing 2018 Chapter Retreat!  This event combines learning, value, friendship, immediacy (immediate intimacy), great food, unlimited drink, all in a one of a kind Colorado location.   Mark your calendars and join us at the five star Broadmoor Hotel in CO Springs April 5-6.   If there is one event not to miss...this is it!  Register today!

LunchAbout: Meet Tim Taylor of America Succeeds

24 April 2018
Venue: America Succeeds | 1390 Lawrence St Suite 200 Denver, CO

Meet EOCO Member Tim Taylor and learn about his entrepreneurial journey and passion while he share insights about his non-profit company, America Succeeds. Lunch will be provided.

Being A Legacy Entrepreneur - Family Event

2 May 2018
Venue: Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake |4255 W Colfax Ave | Denver, CO
Location: United States of America

Fulfilling one of EO's core values, Matt has "made a mark" by completing his first film entitled "Man In Red Bandana", narrated by Gwyneth Paltrow.  Matt is excited to share it with EO Colorado.  The private screening and keynote will be a unique opportunity to hear how EO provided Matthew with the skills and best practices to complete this massive project.  He will also cover some of the subtleties of making a film and provide an entrepreneur's perspective into the business of filmmaking.  Finally, Matthew will share some take-home steps that will allow attendees to evaluate their own legacy projects.

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