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CARL BATES "High Performing Boards"

11 December 2019
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain

Carl Bates is a dynamic entrepreneur and thought leader from New Zealand, based in South Africa.

Carl is considered a global leader in the education, appointment and guidance of high-performance boards for privately-held companies and family businesses.
He is also an expert in maximising individual and team contribution in order to maximise return.

More about Carl : https://carlbates.com


14 December 2019
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain

EO Mentorship fosters relationships aimed at high-level leadership and personal development within a structured timeframe. Throughout the mentorship process, Mentees work toward goals and establish personal accountability, while Mentors support them through experience-sharing and engagement.

PAUL DAVIS "Business Consultant"

8 January 2020
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain

Husband. Father. Author. Truth-seeker. Teacher and Student.

By combining his exhaustive experience as a business consultant with his intuition, empathy, and desire to pursue a path of meaning, Paul helps people to not only discover their true purpose, but also how to design a life that honours it and propels them to their fullest potential.

Having originally qualified as a Management Accountant, Paul’s journey has led him to study all areas of scaling business growth, business development and marketing, to a wide range of teachings to uncover the secrets to maximising mental performance and fulfilment. This has led him to also become a trained facilitator with world-renowned human behaviour and personal development authority, Dr John Demartini.

Through his consultancy business that he started in 2001, Paul combines his natural abilities, his wealth of knowledge, and his experience of growing many successful businesses so as to achieve extraordinary results for his clients.

From this Paul has developed The Impact Code™, and The Executive Code™ so as to accelerate the personal and professional growth for the people he works with.

Clients regularly refer to him as a “game-changer” or a “secret weapon” when it comes to the measurable change that has been experienced by the countless business leaders he has worked with.

What’s most important in Paul’s life are his family, his love of learning and teaching people how to be their best selves, enjoying wonderful experiences, and making a difference in the world.


9 January 2020
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending college or university. Nominees compete against their peers from around the world in a series of local and/or national competitions in hopes to qualify for GSEA Finals. Founded in 1998 by Saint Louis University, GSEA is now an Entrepreneurs’ Organization program.

Body, Mind & Soul Retreat

25 January 2020
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain



          Alia Almoayyed

          We’am Zabbar

          More TBA


          Join us on a day of bless, where our lineup of renowned practitioners in nutrition,  mindfulness, Yoga, Osteopathy and more help you learn, experience (and taste) latest thinking, methods and recipes in their fields and boost your holistic wellbeing.

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