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EONY: 4 Burners Theory with Stephen Steers

10 May 2021
Venue: Virtual
Location: United States

Building a healthy business that feeds your team, market, shareholders and makes an impact, requires systems across 4 important timelines: The Immediate Term, The Short Term, The Medium Term, and The Long Term.

When businesses systemize their approach to these 4 timelines, it’s like cooking a well-balanced meal. A meal that’s not only delicious but creates an experience your customers will never forget.

The Four Burners Theory breaks out the recipes - situations, strategies, and tactics - necessary for getting deals over the line consistently in growing sales organizations.

Open to EONY Accelerators, EONY Member's Guest, and EO US East Members.

"Make the Noise Go Away: Focus on Purpose & Impact..."

11 May 2021
Venue: ROAM Lenox
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

During this session, Kent Gregoire – the Founder and CEO of Symphony Advantage and one in seven certified consultants in conscious capitalism around the world - will help entrepreneurs get back to this original vision anchored around purpose. This is made possible by empowering a business’ single key executive - or second in command.

EO Atlanta Forum Training (Virtual)

14 May 2021
Venue: Zoom
Location: United States

The upcoming Forum Traning will be done virtually with EO Global’s trainer. We will include several short breaks during the day so people can move around and a quick 30-minute lunch break. We recommend people log in 15-20 minutes ahead to check their technology.

EO Forum Confidential

14 May 2021
Venue: Zoom
Location: United States

This is a session where EO Members dedicate an hour of their time to help fellow members with their business challenges.

If you have experience share on this month's topic, How to build out and market a product in a traditional service business? Please register below!

EO Atlanta Retreat Planners Session

17 May 2021
Venue: Zoom
Location: United States

Calling all Retreat Planners! Want to take your next forum retreat to new heights? Create life-changing experiences? Strengthen your forum in ways you didn’t know were possible?

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