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Women of EO ANZ Forum

30 July 2021 10:00 AM (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
Venue: Zoom
Location: Australia

Join the ANZ WOE Online Speed Connecting Forum.Our goal is to share a powerful hour speed connecting together with each ANZ WOEO attendee sharing a small summary about themselves and their business and one burning need.

The Three Secrets of Resilient People

4 August 2021 01:30 PM (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
Venue: Virtual
Location: Australia

About this event

If you’ve ever wondered what the word “resilience” really means, or how you can help yourself and your teams cope with constant challenge and change, then this session is for you. While there are many resilience researchers in the world, the death of her 12-year old daughter in a tragic road accident, makes Dr Lucy Hone’s skillset quite unique.

Co-director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience and adjunct senior fellow at the University of Canterbury, Lucy speaks at global conferences, creates online courses, writes books, academic articles and blogs to spread her insights far and wide. Her PhD was acknowledged internationally for its outstanding contribution to wellbeing science and her research is published in leading psychology journals. Her best- selling book, Resilient Grieving, and her hugely popular TED talk, Three Secrets of Resilient People (2.6 million views) have delivered Dr Hone’s refreshing approach to global audiences. Her work has been featured in international media including the Guardian and the Washington Post, the BBC and ABC, Channel News Asia, Swedish Television, The Bolt Report Australia and TVNZ.

Lucy’s engaging style, and deep knowledge of these topics, makes her one of the world’s foremost presenters on resilience. However, it is her self-effacing humour, and the way she manages to relate academic findings to her own life (and yours!) that make her sessions so useful and enjoyable.

Presentation | Derrick McManus -Followed By Drinks & Nibbles

4 August 2021 01:30 PM (GMT+09:30) Adelaide
Venue: Fenwick Function Centre
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Dear Member, SLP and Strategic Alliance Partners,

You are invited to a presentation by:

Derrick McManus

Going beyond resilience

Mental Fitness, Agility and Strength for Optimal Performance

In 1994 Derrick was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds with a high-powered semi-automatic rifle. Two years later he returned to full duties, Derrick’s history epitomizes durability Going beyond resilience, Mental Fitness, Agility and Strength for Optimal Performance.

If you would like your staff, or yourself, to sustain optimum performance under pressure, this event is for you

Derrick McManus is an ex-sniper, recovery diver and was trained by the SAS in counter-terrorist tactics. He operated in the SA Police elite Special Task And Rescue (STAR) Group when he was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds and was lying on the ground for 3 hours before rescue.

After surviving the shooting against all odds, Derrick founded The Australian Centre for Human Durability. Derrick works with high-performance individuals and teams so they believe they too can go behond resilience to sustaining optimal performance, build mental fitness, agility and strength, amplify their ability to manage stress and challenges.

He has overcome more than the average person even before the shooting but that just made him tougher and more determined to succeed. He wants others to be determined to succeed too.

Derrick's life epitomizes Human Durability, and he can teach it to you, watch an overview from Derrick here:https://youtu.be/lSbjn8AZjGA


Wed 4th August 2021, 1.30-5pm


The Police Club 27 Carrington St, Adelaide.

Presentation followed by drinks, nibbles, networking & opportunity to meet Derrick.


1:30pm arrival with drinks and light nibbles: cheese and dips

2:00pm hard start presentation for 90 minutes

3:30pm finish with 15 minutes for questions from the audience

3:45pm drinks, nibbles, networking & opportunity to meet Derrick.

5:00pm finish



Chapter Manager

EO Adelaide

International EO Meet and Eat

4 August 2021 01:00 PM (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Venue: virtuell
Location: Germany

Eat and talk with fellow EOers

Accelerator - Cash Day

19 August 2021 08:30 AM (GMT+09:30) Adelaide
Venue: TBC
Location: Adelaide, Australia


Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel growth?

What is the story your cash flow is telling? Abundance? Scarcity?

Are you getting the maximum return for e

very labor dollar?

Does current cash flow point toward a new business model?

Are you putting your profit first?

Come ready to explore the answers to these questions and how you can make changes in your business now!

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