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EO Leadership

Gilberto Cro​mbÉ – EO Global Chairman – FY2015/2016
Gilberto Crombe – EO Global Chairman – FY2015/2016
EO Together

A big part of our focus this year centers on teamwork; specifically, a synergistic approach fueled by inclusion, clarity and accountability. As we move forward, we do so with a new strategic planning cycle in place; one that emphasizes unity through collaboration and growth through focus. Together, we must realize our initiatives while engaging our current and future communities with a clear message: We are committed to making an even bigger mark— locally, regionally and globally. And we will do so together. As the African proverb states: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go together.” Let’s go all in together and lead EO to growth and greatness. Let’s go EO Together.


Gilberto Signature

Gilberto Crombé, EO Monterrey
EO Global Chairman, FY2015/2016


FY2015/2016 EO Global Board of Directors


  • Gilberto Crombe​​

    Gilberto Crombé

    EO Monterrey
    EO Global Chairman
  • Ivan Ting

    Ivan Ting

    EO China South
    EO Global Chairman-Elect
  • Vijay Tirathrai

    Vijay K.​ Tirathrai

    Ex-Officio Board Member
  • Rosemarie Andres

    Rosemarie Andres

    EO Philippines
    EO Director
  • Brian Brault

    Brian Brault

    EO Western New York
    EO Director
  • Eric Gangloff

    Eric Gangloff

    EO Reno Tahoe
    EO Director
  • Fred Johnson

    Fred Johnson

    EO Utah
    EO Director
  • Lance Lai

    Lance Lai

    EO Sydney
    EO Director
  • Adrienne Lea Palmer

    Adrienne Lea Palmer

    EO Dallas
    EO Director
  • Sanjay Wadwha

    Sanjay Wadhwa

    EO Chennai
    EO Director
  • Yoon Li Yong

    Yoon Li Yong

    EO Malaysia
    EO Director​​​​​

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