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BRIAN BRAULT – EO Global Chairman – FY2017/2018
brian-braultEO's 30th Anniversary: A Year of Significance

This year, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) celebrates the 30th anniversary of its founding; starting as the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO), the dream and hard work of several entrepreneurs has grown into a global, peer-to-peer organization that represents 12,000+ of the world’s most influential business owners.

Throughout my tenure in EO, I have been fortunate enough to see innumerable examples of servant leadership, incredible personal growth, and the evolution of peers’ growing businesses. EO is second to none when it comes to creating amazing content and platforms to learn and grow. And while most entrepreneurs join EO with the singular goal of building more successful companies, many EO members remain well past achieving these goals because of their ability to help others to achieve the same, to positively impact the lives of others, to be significant—to “Make a Mark.”

I challenge all EO members—and prospective members—to look for opportunities within this awesome organization to create the business success you seek, but more importantly to create significance in your life, whether that’s traveling with your Forum to foster entrepreneurship at a grassroots level, or spending more time being a better father, mother, sibling or friend. We are our own greatest resource, and the community that’s formed within EO will change your life, if you take the opportunity to join and engage.

Brian Brault Signature

Brian Brault, EO Western New York
EO Global Chairman, FY2017/2018


FY2017/2018 EO Global Board of Directors


  • Brian Brault

    Brian Brault

    EO Global Chairman
    EO Western New York
  • Rosemarie Andres

    Rosemarie Andres

    EO Global Chair-Elect
    EO Philippines
  • Dana Bradley

    Dana Bradley

    EO Director
    EO Charlotte
  • Fred Johnson

    Fred Johnson

    EO Director
    EO Utah
  • Jason Sze

    Jason Sze

    EO Director
    EO Hong Kong
  • John Bly

    John Bly

    EO Director
    EO Charlotte
  • Kristin McLane

    Kristin McLane

    EO Director
    EO Cincinnati
  • Luis Chasi

    Luis Chasi

    EO Director
    EO Costa Rica
  • Rudy Foo

    Rudy Foo

    EO Director
    EO Malaysia
  • Sanjay Raghunath

    Sanjay Raghunath

    EO Director
    EO U.A.E.

  • Carrie Santos

    Carrie Santos

    CEO, Ex-Officio Director
    EO Global

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