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Delve deep into a region’s distinct history, culture, cuisine and businesses during an EO Exploration. With an intimate group, you will travel the country or region to live like a local for 4-7 days. Each Exploration is custom designed to highlight the region and allow you to learn from local experts and EOers. You will be challenged spiritually, intellectually, physically and gastronomically. Explorations are one of EO’s top rated experiences. Find out more below.


2020 EO Cambodia-Vietnam Exploration

Vibrant and exotic, Vietnam and Cambodia offered EOers an unforgettable experience by merging ancient, modern and futuristic worlds together. On this EO Exploration, attendees journeyed into the past through countryside tours of Cambodian rice paddies and sunrises at ancient temples. The hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City gave them a glimpse into the future. All of this while enjoying the luxury of five-star resorts and private chartered flights, while mixing with and learning from local members.

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2019 Kenya Exploration

From stunning views of Mount Kenya to encounters with African elephants in the Borana Conservancy, the 2019 EO Kenya Exploration was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. EOers enjoyed exclusive safari excursions and nature activities, including anti-poaching discussions, beading workshops with local Masai ladies, guided bush walks and game drives. They stayed in luxury custom-made tents and indulged in custom-designed menus featuring fresh local fruits and vegetables, delivered daily.

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