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More than half of the US population listens to a podcast. Shouldn’t they listen to yours? It is essential for your business to have a podcast and use it strategically. A podcast is free exposure, and boosts your marketability and credibility.

Why do you need a book? Other than social media apps (and the podcast apps) the most used smart phone app is Amazon / Kindle. When was the last time someone asked you for an autograph? They will if you do a book signing. 

Social Media 

These days if you aren’t on social media – do you even have a business? Without it, people might not even know you exist. What are the networks you must be on, and what are the up and coming hottest networks you need to be on next? 

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. Or as I like to put it – the words on the page that get people to do what you want. And you need to say it to them more than once in multiple forms of media. 

Forum Topics:

• How to recruit your next 50 dream clients over the next 50 weeks 
• How to recruit your next 50 dream joint venture partners / affiliates / referral sources over the next 50 weeks

• How to write a best-selling book without writing a book 
• Secrets to Invisible Email Automation 
• Secrets to College Admissions and Financial Aid for Business Owners 
• 5 most dangerous trends in affiliate marketing

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