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Calmness Underwater, Calmness Under Pressure

14 July 2020
Venue: Zoom Conference
Location: United States of America

Smile into the Abyss 
Calmness underwater, calmness under pressure.
An experience lead by William Trubridge

As business leaders, you spend a lifetime building companies that reflect the best implementable version of your vision. The gap between your vision and your success derives greatly from how you deal with the unknowns in high-stress situations. What if you have been limiting your capabilities all along? What if your vision itself was first capped by what you ‘knew’to be possible? What if the boundaries you have believed to exist for yourself were never the real limits but just self-imposed obstacles? What if you could motivate your team to reach a more impactful version of their best? “Smile into the Abyss”, a webinar led by World Record Freediver William Trubridge, will help you expose untapped potential and challenge your self-imposed limits.

This experience webinar will push all of the attendees to redefine what they are capable of and provide a framework for dealing with the unknown by managing risk and fear in ways only someone like William can teach.

EO PLUS Golf Cup

25 August 2020
Venue: Magna Golf Club
Location: Aurora, Canada

Join your fellow EO’s for a day long golf excursion beginning with a lunch then championship 18 hole golf and then a masterful 3 course dinner and fabulous wines on the patio of one of the city lines best views.


Arrive as early if you like to warm up and hit balls, registration begins at 11:00 am with lunch served at 11:30am and then tee off for 1:30 pm. 

Bring business casual clothing for dinner afterwards.

Guests will be provided lockers and are welcome to use showers and change rooms prior to dinner.

***Open to EO PLUS Members ONLY***

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