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Two Critical Decisions to Build a More Profitable Company

25 February 2021
Venue: Zoom
Location: United States

Two Critical Decisions to Build a More Profitable Company - Part 1 of 2

Join us for CEO Think Tank®’s Two-Part Webinar Series, “Two Critical Decisions to Build a More Profitable Company” to learn how!

First 20 sign ups get a complimentary ticket to our upcoming Webinar, "The Invisible Scale" with Darius Mirshahzadeh, former CEO of The Money Source and author of "The Core Value Evaluation". 

And all eligible participants will have access to a Cash Flow Analysis of their company for just $95.

Open to EOA-NY, EONY Members Guests, and whole EO US East Members

Successful COVID Strategic Pivots with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

25 February 2021
Venue: Zoom
Location: United States

In this engaging, interactive, and entertaining presentation, you will dramatically improve your ability to do a successful strategic pivot to thrive in the COVID pandemic and plan for a successful post-pandemic recovery. Cutting-edge neuroscience and behavioral economics shows that in slow-moving train wrecks of a disaster such as this pandemic, we fall into a trap called the normalcy bias, trying to get back to normal too quickly and hoping and planning for best-case scenarios. Yet hope is not a strategy; we should hope for the best, but plan for the worst. That means you need to, first of all, challenge your underlying assumptions about your systems and processes for a variety of future scenarios for the course of the pandemic. As part of doing so, anticipate and get ahead of the major economic and social shifts that will accompany the post-pandemic recovery in your planning. Next, you need to gather internal information from relevant constituents about their perspectives on challenging assumptions. Then, determine your broad strategy, and how it would shift depending on the various scenarios. Finally, decide on how you will operationalize your strategy. This presentation will offer you pragmatic and immediately-applicable research-based strategies for doing a pivot to thrive in the new abnormal of the pandemic and develop a long-term strategic plan to navigate the post-pandemic recovery successfully.

Mindful Money Management: Unconventional Rules to Live By

1 March 2021
Venue: Zoom
Location: United States

Mindful Money Management:  The Unconventional Rules Millionaires (and Billionaires) Use. 

In this presentation, Joel will give you a roadmap to success. He’ll explain how he overcame adversity in the stock market including 2008 when he managed to make money despite the market being down 40% and the only stocks he was managing (financial securities) being down 57%. Joel will also explain what mindful practices he used while managing $700 million. He’ll describe his recommendations for how to deal with doubt, fear and stress. Salomon will show you how to achieve your wealth goals by developing intuition you can trust and a mindset you can believe in.

Open to EOA-NY, EONY Members Guests, and whole EO US East Members

Power Lunch - In Person

5 March 2021
Venue: Embarc Collective
Location: Tampa, Florida, United States

Creating an Agile Job and Pay Framework


In this session participants will gain insights on:

  1. Why agility in your job and pay framework is important, especially right now
  2. Some easy ways to create agility in a job framework
  3. The quickest way to create agility with pay
  4. Simple techniques to implement right away
All CDC Guidelines will be followed. Each person will have their own 6ft table. 

Extinguishing Burnout by Scott Anderson

8 March 2021
Venue: Zoom
Location: United States

As we set our sites on a successful 2021, and face the reality of continuing Covid-19 challenges, now is a good time to build personal and professional resilience and prevent burnout.

Extinguishing Burnout is a training program created by Scott Anderson and his team at Doubledare Executive Coaching & Consulting to explore the causes and costs of burnout and to learn skills proven to "extinguish" it -- for you and your team.

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