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AcuMantras has 3 Mantras:

  • * Accessibility and Affordability of Acupucnture (provide access to an integrative approach to medicine with a focus on and commitment to community enhancement.)
  • * Conduct Research to expand on the validity of East Asian Medicine.
  • * Education and Community enhancement.

AcuMantras vision is to have a community where all people achieve their full potential in health and well-being throughout their lifespan. The way to achieve this is to provide access to the healing benefits of East Asian medicine through acupuncture, education and participation in the art forms of East Asian therapies.

• Community Acupuncture is an effective non-pharmaceutical option for stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, fatigue, obesity, headaches, autoimmune symptoms and much more. Receive collective treatment in a common space using thin filiform needles into acupoints or trigger points in the body to stimulate circulation of blood flow.

• Tai Chi & Qi gong is a form of moving meditation that promotes health and longevity. Meditation teaches you how to become fully present with deep breathing techniques with short 20 minute sessions.

• Kemetic Yoga has the benefits of Restorative Yoga, the energizing of Kundalini Yoga, the strengthening, flexibility and health building of Ashtanga, the alignment of Iyengar Yoga and the internal psychic abilities of deep meditation.

• Reduced stress and stress hormones, eliminate pain, headaches, neck tension and back pain

• Increased immunity, energy and motivation

• Improved sleep and ability to heal

• Overall sense of well-being, and much more!

AcuMantras, “Mind, Body and Soul”, wellness is open to all EO members and forums at our location in Plantation at a day and time that is mutually agree upon . This will include, Acupuncture, meditation, Qi-gong, Tai Chi (moving meditation), Yoga and education on nutrition and healthy ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 
In response to the overwhelming need after the pandemic, AcuMantras went from idea to reality in March of 2020. The mission of AcuMantras is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing information and access through community programs, physician education, and clinical research. We imagine a “Healthy World” in which all individuals, without socioeconomic bias, have access to the benefits of acupuncture and an integrative approach to medicine.

About Nicole Schofield:
Nicole Schofield will be representing AcuMantras as our liaison and advocate. Alternative therapies and hollistic approaches to healing have always been a passion of hers. She is currently in the process of completing her licensure as an acupuncture physician. Nicole has been with AcuMantras since inception and is passionate about giving back to the community while sharing the wisdom and knowledge of East Asian Medicine.

About Dr. Taina Rodriguez:
Acupuncture Physician Taina Rodriguez, holds a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a National Board-Certified Licensed Acupuncture Physician. Dr. Taina Rodriguez has extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Herbal Medicine, which enables her to provide patient care. Dr. Rodriguez’s passion is educating and empowering the community to take their health back. She is gifted in treating patients suffering from pain, autoimmune disorders, orthopedics, sports, and much more.

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