Navicus Launches Talent Intelligence

Navicus Expands Talent Management Suite with Integrated Competency and Performance Based Assessments Products from Global Human Asset Systems.

Navicus, a leading Employment Screening and Talent Management software service provider, today announced the launch of Talent Intelligence™, a competency and performance based assessment product offering.  The introduction of competency and performance based assessments from Global Human Asset Systems, LLC (GHAS) is another way Navicus delivers on its promise to help companies of all sizes by providing integrated solutions that enable organizations to bridge strategy and execution gaps, cultivate top talent, optimize workforces, and drive business productivity.  Companies can add objective Talent Intelligence™ to their hiring or right-sizing decisions either as a standalone or through the Navicus Applicant Tracking and Performance Management modules. 

The Talent Intelligence™ process is streamlined and impactful.  The assessment tests have been developed and researched from over thirty years of successful psychometric practice by Dr. George Paajanen. The tests are validated in over 240 studies, used for hiring in over 300 organizations, presented in dozens of professional conferences, reported and reviewed in dozens of journal articles, and taken by over 140 million applicants.  The design features of the test have been derived from extensive applied research, offering advantages over conventional assessment instruments. The tests provide accurate prediction of job performance, in a form that is fast and easy for applicants, and produces significant returns on investment.

Talent Intelligence™ can be configured to include an online behavioral assessment that gets the interview started online by collecting 3-5 confirmed achievements. Designed by Dr. Tom Janz, author of pioneering research and a major book on Behavioral Interviewing, the Talent Intelligence™ (Behavioral Interview Online) saves both companies and candidate’s time while enabling shorter, deeper, and more satisfying final decision interviews.

“The addition of Talent Intelligence™ better enables us to deliver a well rounded and complete picture of applicants.  In today’s hiring environment it is imperative for companies to implement efficient talent acquisition and development strategies since applicant flow is increasing from higher unemployment rates and there is increasing visibility relative to employee productivity. By incorporating competency and performance based assessments into a talent management strategy it is estimated that companies can realize a 100-200% increase in hiring accuracy and significant increases within the tracking of employee goals thus, leading to a more productive workforce,” says Jesse Berger, CEO of Navicus.

About Navicus, Inc:
Navicus provides assessments, background checks, drug testing, I9 compliance, and Talent Management software to employers who want fast, cost-effective, and compliant solutions.  Employers no longer have to contract with separate service providers, manage multiple sources of data, and summarize the different pieces of the recruitment, hiring, and retention process. By combining multiple service offerings, technology and industry expertise, Navicus helps companies develop best-practice hiring solutions, streamline the overall workflow, and manage the employee life cycle.  

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