Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Leadership Academy Sparks International Collaboration

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Business Owners from 15 Countries Shared 3-Days of Skill Building

Washington, DC, USA (11 November 2011) – As a group, entrepreneurs are different from traditional business owners, they hunger to explore new possibilities, experiment with their ideas, and often feel as if they are walking alone. The idea of being alone changed recently for the latest graduating class of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Leadership Academy held in Washington, DC, October 23-26. Twenty business owners from 15 different countries met in the Nation’s Capital for an intense 3 ½ day leadership seminar that focused on leadership and skills entrepreneurs need to be stronger, more effective leaders.

Anna Birch, President of Adventure Links and the current EO DC President was one of this year’s attendees.  “I’ve been involved with EO since 2007 and I have seen my business grow,” says Birch. “I signed up for the academy with the hope that I could find a new spark to grow my company through the tough economy and solve some problems. My three days went beyond anything I could have imagined.”

The EO Leadership Academy began in 2008 and there are now over 100 graduates across the globe.  The organization’s goal is to provide EO’s top leadership with an enhanced philosophical and skills-based orientation of leadership that all members can employ to the benefit of their peers, businesses, and communities.

“The three day immersion allowed me to cut out all distractions,” says Birch. “I learned that my business challenges are similar to those shared across the globe but that the challenges for entrepreneurs who have built their businesses against all odds are still unique. EO members share a common purpose. Because so many people had come from overseas it was clear that EO was our common language not English.”

The entrepreneur program is designed for business owners and leaders to develop new skills and ways of solving their problems. Birch says that for her, learning the importance of listening was an immense take-away as was suspending opinions about people. “When you put aside what you think you know about someone and listen to what they are saying, you can make lasting connections that change your perceptions. “

Birch says that she is now a motivated listener and will bring that back to her staff and clients. She looks forward to a Leadership Academy reunion and building on her new found international connections.

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