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Alexandria, Virginia, USA (8 July 2013)– On 1 July 2013, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) welcomed Rosemary Tan as the organization’s new Chairman of the Global Board of Directors. A member of EO’s Malaysia chapter since 1996, Rosemary has been actively involved in the organization’s leadership for many years, both at the chapter and global levels of the organization. Her tenure as Global Chairman in FY2013/2014 will focus on personal and professional engagement; the year’s “Engage the World” call to action will drive the organization’s initiatives and the leading entrepreneurs it supports to pursue new measures of growth in business and beyond.

“EO has always been about engagement. Since 1987, we’ve engaged our chapters, businesses, families and communities, and we’ve engaged other organizations to help facilitate entrepreneurship around the globe,” said Rosemary. “This year, we’re capitalizing on our commitment to engagement by giving today’s entrepreneurs more opportunities to expand their perspectives, pursue their passions, build on their strengths and contribute to the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Rosemary was the president of EO Malaysia in 2001, held various leadership roles for the Asia-Pacific region and has been a certified EO Forum and Moderator trainer for more than 10 years. In 2003, she was awarded the “EO Volunteer of the Year” award for her dedication in helping the organization achieve new levels of excellence. In July 2010, Rosemary was awarded “Most Passionate EO Member” by her local chapter for her long-term contributions to EO Malaysia.

Rosemary is the creative director of Palam Mesra Sdn. Bhd., a niche residential property development company she founded with her husband. In 2008, the company made The Edge Malaysia’s “Top 30 Property Developers” list for creativity and innovation. Rosemary’s community involvement has included volunteering on the Board Trustee for Worldwide Fund for Nature Malaysia (WWF Malaysia), serving as a distinguished lieutenant governor for Kiwanis Malaysia and as president for the Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur. Rosemary was awarded the Governor’s Medal for her outstanding service to the District of Kiwanis Malaysia in 2001, and in 2004, she received an EO Kauffman Community Award for her efforts in supporting the Kiwanis Down Syndrome National Centre, Malaysia.

Rosemary has been married for more than 24 years to her husband, Stephen Chia, who is also an entrepreneur in the IT and wireless broadband industry, based in Malaysia and Cambodia. In addition to Rosemary’s tenure as Global Chairman of the Global Board beginning, the EO Global Board also welcomes four newly elected Directors: Adrienne Cornelsen of EO Dallas, Lance Lai of EO Sydney, Gilberto Crombe of EO Monterrey and Yoon Li Yong of EO Malaysia.

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