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22-23 September 2018
Location: CASCAIS, Portugal

EO Portugal will host an once in a lifetime and unique 2 day Lighthouse Event in Cascais, starting on September 22nd till the 23rd.

Courage, resourcefulness, resilience and adaptability to your surroundings are some of the concepts you will experience and find fundamental as an entrepreneur.

We want you to test your limits and experience, learn and understand what it means to take on one of the most incredible challenges in life: the SEA.

This event will offer you the chance to get in touch with outstanding professionals in their respective fields like João Macedo, one of the best big wave surfers in the World, Nazaré pro jetski pilot that pulled 2 surfers in BIllabong XXL waves, Olympic Sailors.

We will also provide the opportunity to privately visit and enjoy select and exclusive venues, privately owned by Cascais City Hall.

And of course, enjoy the beautiful Cascais. We have many surprises coming your way!


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