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EO Germany-Munich:Stop Being A Leader.Start Being THE Leader

5 February 2019
Venue: Design Offices Arnulfpark
Location: München, Germany

Are you A leader or are you THE leader? Are you A sales consultant or are you THE sales consultant? Are you offering A product or THE product? Learn what differentiates A leader from THE leader and the strategies we need to know when switching from A to THE in our industry.

The Future of Communication

5 February 2019
Venue: TBD
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

This session will take you on a journey of the key aspects of the future of communication, from digital, into storytelling and data driven content, onto science fiction and the evolution we can expect when looking forward.

Forum Training Program

13 March 2019
Venue: H10 Boutique Hotel
Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Overview of EO and Forum 

Mission, Vision, Values 

Overview of EO Dues and Benefts 

Forum Path of Leadership

EO Germany-Munich: Dandapani - Gruppe 1

28 March 2019
Venue: Mars Raum
Location: München, Germany

Wir freuen uns, Dandapani - hinduistischer Priester, Meditationslehrer und ehemaliger Mönch - zum 3. Mal in unserem Chapter begrüssen zu dürfen. Dieses Mal werden wir ihn in einem ganz neuen, sehr intimen Format erleben. 

EO on Stage: Talk with Impact

16 May 2019
Venue: TBD
Location: Berlin, Germany

Ready to expand your mind? Then join us for one of the most ambitious learning events of the year. We will try to find some of the best ideas in EO. For that purpose a handful of carefully selected EO Berlin members plus a few members from other chapters will share their revolutionary concepts and inspiring life stories in a short TED-style presentation.

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