Nuno Miguel Guerra, CEO at Create IT and EO Portugal President

"Through my participation in EO, I have met many other entrepreneurs who have helped me to learn and grow."​ - Nuno Miguel Guerra, CEO at Create IT

Nuno Miguel Guerra, CEO at Create IT and EO Portugal - Entrepreneurs' Organization in Portugal President, gives us a detailed look about his experience through some questions.

Can you please tell us a little bit about the Entrepreneur Organization Network?

Sure. The Entrepreneur Organization Network, or EO, is a global network of more than 17.500 entrepreneurs with nearly 220 chapter locations in 60+ countries. It provides its members with a wide range of resources to connect with fellow business owners, join an active community, and grow as entrepreneurs. Things like executive education specifically designed for business owners, networking opportunities, mentorship programs and the "path of leadership" are some of those resources. EO also encourages its members to share their experiences and best practices with one another, using our Forum Experiences and Learnings, which helps us to foster a community of entrepreneurs who are eager to learn and grow from each other.

That sounds very interesting. What are the benefits of being a member of EO?

There are many benefits to being a member of EO. For one, members have access to a vast network of like-minded individuals who are all dedicated to growing their businesses and their self. They can learn from one another, share resources, and even collaborate on different projects. Additionally, EO offers a variety of events and programs that provide members with valuable insights and information about the latest trends in their industries. Finally, members have access to a global network of entrepreneurs always available to help you, which can be incredibly valuable for those who are looking to expand their businesses overseas.

That sounds great. What are the requirements for becoming a member of EO?

To become a member of EO, you must be the founder, co-founder, owner, or controlling shareholder of a company that has gross annual revenues of at least $1 million. There is also an interview process to ensure that potential members are a good fit for the organization and that they are committed to the EO values of trust and respect.

That all makes sense. How has the Portuguese chapter of EO been doing lately?

The Portuguese chapter of EO has been doing very well. We have a strong and active membership, and we are always looking for new ways to support and encourage our members. We have a wide range of events and programs that cater to the diverse needs of our members, and we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our network. Launched in Portugal with the support of some amazing entrepreneurs, and initially lead by Miguel Santo Amaro, currently the CEO of Coverflex and after by Chitra Stern, CEO of Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts and also founder of United Lisbon International School, our chapter has amazing entrepreneurs from sectors like Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Goods and Services, Education, Energy, Information technology and telecommunication, Personal Services, Professional Services, Real State and also Hospitality and Tourism.

Can you tell us what's an EO Forum?

Sure, EO Forums are small groups of entrepreneurs who meet regularly to discuss business challenges and opportunities in a confidential and supportive setting. As a member of EO, I have the opportunity to participate in a Forum, and it is a valuable experience for me both in professional and personal terms. I have been able to get feedback on my business ideas, learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs, and build close relationships with my Forum members. The Forum experience has helped me to become a better leader, grow my business and also to become a better person.

How does EO's Executive Education program helps entrepreneurs in their businesses?

EO's Executive Education program helps entrepreneurs to improve their business skills and knowledge through access to top-quality executive education programs. That is especially relevant because all those courses are specifically designed for business owners, what makes a meaningful difference. These programs have helped entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in leadership and in specific industries, which has enabled them to make better decisions and grow their businesses. For instance, EO had recently a Harvard Business School course specially designed for EO members, named "Inspiring Entrepreneurial Strategy". I personally know two amazing entrepreneurs that have been there and they just loved the experience and all the cases and deep discussions with the ones that lived those experiences. That helped them a lot to re-think their businesses and their way of thinking.

What has been the experience with EO's Path of Leadership program?

The EO Path of Leadership program has been a valuable resource for many entrepreneurs looking to develop their leadership skills. Participants in the program have had the opportunity to attend workshops, receive coaching, and connect with other entrepreneurs, which has helped them to become more effective leaders in their businesses and communities. For example, I personally had the opportunity to get in contact with some tools that helped me to better manage my business and also better understand my personal and team members strengths. That helped me a lot in building a more collaborative team, which improved the overall culture and productivity of our company.

Can you share how EO's mentoring program has benefited entrepreneurs?

EO's mentoring program has provided many entrepreneurs with the opportunity to receive guidance from experienced mentors and to give back to the entrepreneurial community as mentors themselves. Mentees have been able to get advice and support from mentors who have faced similar challenges in their own businesses, which has helped them to make better decisions and overcome obstacles. Mentors have been able to share their knowledge and experience with less experienced entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their businesses and develop new skills. The mentoring program has been a valuable resource for many entrepreneurs looking to build relationships, develop new skills, and give back to the community. Personally, when we were launching our first SaaS product, I had the opportunity to have several mentorship sessions with an amazing EO member that was one of the shareholders of GitHub when the company was sold to Microsoft. That was simply amazing and helped me a lot on building a better product since day one.

What are some of the key learnings you have gained from being a member of EO?

There are so many key learnings that I have gained from being a member of EO. One of the most important things I have learned is the value of building a strong network of peers and mentors. Through my participation in EO, I have met many other entrepreneurs who have helped me to learn and grow. I have also learned the importance of taking risks and being open to new ideas. Finally, I have learned that success in business is not just about making money, but also about making a positive impact on the world. Create It business turnover has tripled in the last 6 years thanks to EO, we have in CloudCockpit and DiggSpace two successful SaaS products thanks to EO and I have an amazing professional and personal live thanks to EO. Additionally, it was also thanks to EO that understood that the "impossible" is first of all in your mind. At Create It, and during Covid19 crisis, we were able to grow around 25% per year and, simultaneously, we launched "Mais Próximo", a project that provided free access to a monitoring application and also free oximeters for elderly people in hundreds of nursing homes in all counties of mainland Portugal. After that, and during the biggest peak of Covid19 in Portugal, in January 2021, I had the privilege of leading "Aconchegar", a joint initiative of IAMCP Portugal and St. John of God Foundation in Portugal, that was able to offer almost 300 beds to 19 hospitals in 15 counties in Portugal in less than two months thanks to the help of more than one thousand ambassadors. My EO mindset made it all possible. What will each one of our entrepreneurs make possible with this EO mindset?

How should an entrepreneur proceed to become a member of the EO?

He/she can contact us directly through LinkedIn or send an email to [email protected] requesting more information or asking any questions they may have. Our team will help on clarifying any doubts.

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