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The Commerce Bank of Oregon was established in 2005 to cater to the Oregon and SW Washington business community by providing a highly customized approach to lending and banking. 

We are fortunate to have steadily grown our client base over the last 12 years. Many of our larger relationships started as smaller companies fueled with desire for growth and success. We recognize that growing companies, whether they are smaller expanding companies or established middle-market companies, are critical to the growth of our own business and our local economy. 

Our goal is to provide an alternative to the status quo of banking. We enjoy the lending capacity and sophistication of a large regional bank through our ownership by Zion’s Bancorp while maintaining a community bank model and culture. Our relationship managers are credit underwriters and portfolio managers; we do not ship the decision making out of state. In addition, our clients have direct access to our senior management team, which we believe is critical to building strong relationships. 

It is an honor to be associated with EO’s Portland Chapter to help foster the long term sustainable growth of local businesses. We look forward to opportunities to be an engaged resource.

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