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Rajul Bhargava
EO Indore Director of CHL Group of Hospitals
EO member since September 2013

A biomedical engineer committed to improving Indian healthcare, Rajul Bhargava is the director of CHL Group of Hospitals, the first corporate hospital in Central India. Rajul has a passion for hospitals and health IT, as well as adventure sports, racing and rock music.

  • If there was a film about your life, what would the opening scene look like?
    “It would start with a view from the top of Tai Mo Shan, one of the steepest hiking trails in Hong Kong, China. My friends and I are climbing to the top to BASE jump, and then I land in my boardroom.”

  • You were a table tennis captain during your undergraduate studies. How does that compare to being the “captain” of a company?
    “Both are equally fun! Leading a small table tennis team and a small business requires patience, good listening skills, consistency and an understanding of your strengths and vision. The key is to keep having fun along the way!”

  • Formula 1 racing is one of your passions— what’s the best race you’ve ever seen?
    “The best worst race was in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, in 2006. After the warm-up lap, all of the cars were forced to retire—except for six—due to tire trouble. I couldn’t believe it— I had traveled all the way to Indiana to see only six cars race! I did, however, get my face painted ‘Ferrari red,’ and was interviewed by local news channels for looking the weirdest.”

  • When you’re not studying for your MBA, are you still going to open-mic nights?
    “Every chance I get! Where else can you captivate an audience in a pub with your awful voice? I only hold the mic for Metallica, Pearl Jam and Audioslave, though.”

  • What event or project are you most looking forward to this year?
    “My sister is getting married in a classic, Indian-style wedding this month, so nothing beats that!”

  • As an avid traveler, what’s the one thing that you hate forgetting to pack?
    “My travel adapter, which I can never find when I’m packing and always find once I return home.”

  • What is something most people would be surprised to learn about you?
    “After years of studying abroad, I chose to come back to my little, booming hometown in Indore. I thought about India every time I traveled, and knew it would be the best place for me to start a business.”

  • Complete this sentence: before I die, I want to ____.
    “Fly a jet! Being an Air Force pilot was my first career choice, so I’ve always wanted to be a pilot.”

  • What’s something that instantly cheers you up after a bad day?
    “Coming home to my Great Dane, Bumsie, who loves selflessly, is always smiling and never lets me leave.”

  • If there was a film about your life, how would the movie end?
    “After handing over the business to my kids and various charities, my life partner and I backpack around the world, cruise in a Ferrari F50 throughout Europe and end up at the last-ever Metallica concert in Florence, Italy!”

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