Octane magazine was discontinued in 2017, but you can read "best of" and past editions from the archive below. Written by members, for members, Octane provided insights into some of the brightest minds in bu​siness, and leveraged their experiences to help entrepreneurs in every stage of their journey learn and grow.


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  • Special Features

    Six Steps to Dealing with Customer Complaints

    Author: Ben Ridler, EO New Zealand

    At some point, everyone in business has to deal with an upset customer. The challenge is to handle the situation in a way that leaves the customer thinking you operate a great company. If you’re lucky, you can even encourage ...

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  • September 2008

    What's a Handshake Worth?

    Author: Jason Kulpa, EO San Diego

    Most businesspeople would scoff at the idea of doing business based on a handshake. In today’s litigious society, many deals that have been inked on paper and reviewed by teams of attorneys are still contested in bitter court battles ...

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  • June 2007

    How to Increase Accountability in Any Organization

    Author: Bob Prosen, EO Speaker

    A leader’s job is to ensure every member of the team wins, and winning is defined as meeting the organization’s top objectives. One of the best ways I’ve found to help people win is to establish an accountability-based culture focused on producing ...

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  • Special Features

    The Importance of Cross-Cultural Business Communications

    Author: Gayle Cotton, Special to EO

    In today’s global business marketplace, the ability to communicate effectively and multi-culturally cannot be underestimated. As a communications expert with a background in behavioral and cultural science, I have to know ...

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  • Special Features

    How Social Media Networks Facilitate Identity Theft and Fraud

    Author: Kent Lewis, EO Portland

    Recent research reveals that identity theft affects millions of people a year, costing victims countless hours and money in identity recovery and repair. What causes this pattern of online theft and fraud? It’s a combination of factors: a lack ...

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  • Special Features

    Courage is the Key to Great Leadership

    Author: Bill Treasurer, EO Speaker

    Throughout the ages, people have searched for the precise alchemy of ingredients that constitute great leadership. In measured proportions, great leaders are said to demonstrate bold but reasoned judgment, spirited but calculated risk-taking ...

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  • Special Features

    Top Five Succession-Planning Steps

    Author: Lois Melbourne, EO Dallas

    Bring up the subject of succession planning and most HR executives shudder. These highly intelligent, capable people often labor under the impression that succession planning is such a difficult, multi-step process, that they’re already ...

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  • Special Features

    How Great Leaders Thrive in Tough Times

    Author: David Mammano, EO Western New York

    Chester Arthur, who served as President of the United States from 1881 to 1885, will never be regarded as one of America’s great leaders. In fact, many Americans would be hard pressed to identify him as one of our presidents ...

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  • Special Features

    Discipline: A Key to Achieving Your Goals

    Author: Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., EO Speaker

    Have you been thinking lately about what you want to accomplish this year? We all have periods in our lives when we decide to buckle down and work on our goals. We write them down and resolve to get them done. We talk about them ...

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  • September 2009

    Creating a Business Back-Up Plan

    Author: Jennifer Walzer, EO New York

    There’s no getting around it— business disasters will happen. I’ve learned that while you can’t avoid unexpected emergencies, you can impact the way you work through a disaster. Regardless of industry, thriving during crises ...

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  • June 2009

    Business Practices That Breed Success

    Author: John Stepleton, EO Portland

    For 15 years, I have been interested in understanding which business practices are most important to maintain organizational health, and which practices result in a higher level of success. Two years ago, I conducted a study among ...

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  • March 2010

    Creating a Self-Sustaining Business

    Author: Douglas Harrison, EO San Antonio

    There was a time at the start of my business when I was afraid to be away from the office for more than half a day. I was petrified that if something went wrong, I wouldn’t be there to fix it. At the time, we had ...

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  • Special Features

    Choosing the Right Name for Your Online Business

    Author: Tim Shumacher, EO Boston

    During these challenging economic times, many entrepreneurs are moving their businesses to the Web to help broaden their reach and lower the cost of operations. In this case, the right business name can mean the difference between success and ...

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  • September 2010

    What to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

    Author: Akhil Shahani, EO Bombay

    If you’re considering buying your own franchise, you probably have a million questions running around in your mind; questions that can make a difference in the success or failure of your business goals. To give you control during ...

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