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You are built to win.
Is your team?

Unlock the power of your data to design, motivate, and lead your team to achieve record-setting goals.

Analytics over instincts.


With Culture Index™, you can maximize your bottom line by optimizing your organization from the top down. Culture Index works exclusively with visionary business leaders, driving them to use analytics instead of instincts to scale and transform their organizations.


Lead your team to extraordinary growth and increase enterprise value.

Comprehensive analytics meet CEO-level insights.



Use our data analytics platform
to assess your team.

Reveal top talent and gaps in your existing team, empowering you to make precise decisions about the roles you need to fill and the people hard-wired to fill them.



Collaborate with an executive advisor to maximize your understanding of the data.

Remove the mystery of people and their behaviors. Design the organization with the right people in the right roles to help you achieve your ambitious goals. Lead people courageously.



Take specific actions to scale
and leave your legacy.

Hire top talent. Retain ‘A’ players. Lead intentionally.

With the right team, in the right roles, managed in the right way, you are empowered to achieve unmatched profitability, create a lasting impact, and accomplish true business and personal scale.


Effective corporate culture is more than casual Fridays, team retreats, and parties.

Understand the unique needs of each employee in your organization to motivate them in highly individualized ways to achieve peak performance.

You owe it to yourself and your team to allow people to flourish by leveraging their strengths rather than mitigating their weaknesses.

Performance is Predictable.


What makes us, us…

Expect impact.

Increased Sales

Succession Planning

Evaluating Candidates

Increased Profits

Attracting Top Talent

Team Design & Strategy

Leading with Impact

Retaining “A” Players

Managing and Coaching

With your Culture Index advisor in your corner, access data and reliable insights to predict your employees’ performance in their roles. Use this knowledge to become a highly accountable organization focused on making your vision a reality.


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