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  • Second First is a consulting and coaching company specializing in the Second In Command role at founder-led companies.

  • Our mission is clear: to transform the partnership between entrepreneurs and their Seconds In Command. With solutions for any stage of growth, the #2 leader in your company will receive the tools and confidence to become the force multiplier your business needs.

  • One-on-One Coaching: Second First offers a proprietary coaching framework created specifically for COOs & Integrators, providing tools and strategies to master their role, reduce noise in the organization and create freedom for their entrepreneur. Together we cover a wide range of topics, from navigating the relationship with the founder to mastering the role through best practice knowledge and tools.

  • Second In Command Design:For entrepreneurs that have grown to the point of needing a true Second In Command, our team offers a unique assessment process to help owners of growing small to medium-sized businesses identify and onboard their ideal Second In Command. We dive deep into your business, personality, accountabilities, and leadership team to create a full profile, hiring scorecard, and onboarding support.

  • You’ve scaled your business, now it’s time to optimize the partnership with your #2 leader. With Second First, your Second In Command will be able to:
    • *Get and stay on the same page
    • *Prioritize initiatives without creating friction or telling you "no"
    • *Decode your entrepreneurial mindset
    • *Draft well-formed Rocks and action plans from your (many) ideas
    • *Create alignment and harmony across the Org Chart

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